N7 Kream Lab Ice Cream Cafe & Lounge is a Chemistry-Themed Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Bar Opening in Ellenwood

N7 Kream Lab has operated as a pop-up at various events for several years, emphasizing education, but has now landed its first brick-and-mortar location
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Kelli Bain has a scientific background, having worked as a chemistry instructor at Clayton State University and Georgia Perimeter College. They have also used their chemistry knowledge to start up two different companies, Khemet Laboratories — a wellness brand — and N7 Kream Lab, a liquid nitrogen-based ice cream parlor that is getting its first brick-and-mortar location at 111 Fairview Rd in Ellenwood.

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“My family and I have lived in Ellenwood, Georgia for 19 years,” Bain told What Now Atlanta (WNA).  “Most Sundays, we had to leave our neighborhood to enjoy a simple cup of ice cream or healthy food options. The lack of healthy, safe, family-oriented food establishments is often the case in most predominately African American communities around the country.  Thus, as a family, we decided to change that narrative, by opening the first liquid nitrogen ice cream cafe in Henry County Georgia, in our own neighborhood. It took us 3 years to finally find the perfect location, Fairview Oaks Shopping Center.  Cori Jackson, our leasing agent was a key factor in our decision.”

N7 Kream Lab currently operates as a pop-up liquid nitrogen ice cream bar, attending corporate events, schools, birthday parties, as well as offering catering services. Having been around for about five years, Bain’s product has gained the attention of a lot of people and they were featured as Chesley McNeil’s guest on 11ALIVE Morning Rush as part of the segment “The Science Behind,” as shown on N7’s Instagram. The brand focuses on the scientific aspect of the process, having a logo that resembles an element on the periodic table. “N7” is the elemental name for nitrogen, which Bain uses to instantly freeze the cream into a cold dessert. This theme of chemistry is embraced, with ice cream scoops decorated with this chemistry imagery in mind. N7 Kream Lab’s Bain cites friend and former employer Lonnie Johnson as an inspiration for this ice cream brand. Johnson is an American inventor and engineer, best known for inventing the Super Soaker water gun, which has grown into a massive industry catering to children.

Bain aspires to implement and emphasize education in all that they do, including N7 Kream Lab. “STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education is vital to our future—the future of our country, our region, and our children,” they said. “N7 Kream Lab is dedicated to improving the level of STEM education in our community from early education up through high school and college for underrepresented minorities.  In 2013, Kelli Bain established The Khem Lab Initiative Project Inc., a not-for-profit dedicated to advancing public engagement in STEM working to address the specific systemic and structural barriers facing under-resourced and underserved communities. A percentage of our proceeds with go to support various programs and initiatives to advance STEM-related activities in Henry county.”

N7 Kream Lab’s flavors vary from basic ice cream flavors like chocolate and vanilla, but Bain’s product also comes in vegan options like the plant-based coconut almond. “N7 Kream Lab is an artisan ice cream brand inspired by the wonders of science and the love of ice cream,” Bain said. “Our premium bases (dairy and plant-based options) are prepared daily from the freshest ingredients to ensure the highest quality. Every serving is made-to-order and flash frozen to perfection with liquid nitrogen (chilled at -321 F). In addition to serving dessert, we also offer comfort food aka “labitizers”, salads, handcrafted specialty drinks, and premium coffee.” Bain told WNA that N7 Kream Lab will likely open sometime in April 2021.

(Edited to update the name of the parlor and add quotes from Bain)

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