Midtown's 'Bellissima' closes after an attempt to sell it

Photo courtesy of GoTime.com

Nightclub at Amsterdam Walk unable to secure purchaser, owner says.

Anna Ragghianti, owner of the now shuttered Bellissima, announced on Facebook Wednesday her nightclub of three years has closed.

Ragghianti told Project Q in November, she was going to sell the bar because she wanted "to move on, travel and work on film projects she’s otherwise had to take a pass on."

Today, Ragghianti informed her most loyal followers that she was unable to sell Bellissima due to issues with securing a lease for a potential purchaser.

"We were excited to have a contract with a new owner who planned to take rains as soon as possible, keeping it as Bellissima," Ragghianti said in the Facebook post. "Unfortunately, Halpern Enterprises has informed us that they will not sign a lease with the new owner."

Halpern Enterprises is Amsterdam Walk's developer and Bellissima's landlord.

"Bellissima is now closed and will not re-open at the Amsterdam location," Ragghianti said. "I will be considering all options moving forward and will post any updates on this Bellisssima Facebook Fan page."