Midtown institution Nickiemoto’s to close December 12

With Nona Mia closed, is 10th and Piedmont becoming the Bermuda Triangle of restaurants?

UPDATE (Nov. 27): New York City burger joint takes over Midtown’s Nickiemoto’s

Sources at Nickiemoto’s say an employee meeting scheduled for tomorrow, Nov. 22, will inform staff that Nickiemoto’s in Midtown will close on Dec. 12.

Nickiemoto’s is a pan Asian and sushi bar located at 990 Piedmont avenue next to Zocalo Mexican restaurant and adjacent to the shuttered Nona Mia restaurant which occupied a space that hasn’t seen a successful concept in years.

More details to come.

990 Piedmont Avenue Northeast
Atlanta, GA 30309

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak (CJS) is the Founder of What Now Media Group, Inc., the publisher of What Now Atlanta and What Now Los Angeles.

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  1. Breaking news? Great. Breaking news that potentially informs people that they’re out of a job before management can? Irresponsible!

  2. This is amazing. How could that be anything other than a great location? I do know for a fact that as of now the Nona Mia space has not been leased, to Dinner Dinner nor anybody else. It needs razing.
    @scran4d: Grow up!

  3. @Scran4d – seriously? We live in a 24 hour world whether it’s CNN worthy of blog worthy. How exactly is the reporting “irresponsible”?

  4. @AJ, we do indeed live in a 24-hour world, but the “information is good” mentality easily becomes “we don’t care about confidentiality, privacy or protocol”. Caleb isn’t really the irresponsible one here; he is merely reporting what he’s told. Some “insider”, however, should be taken to task for disclosing an action – outside the management/ownership channel – that would affect an entire group of employees.

    And as for your “grow up” comment, @Slowfood: Are you suggesting that it’s childish to want private business affairs to remain so? Or was it merely an equally-childish barb in retaliation for my daring to have a comment that was less than fully supportive?

  5. Ok, now that I’ve calmed down, whatever takes its place should expand into the Nona Mia space and be one large restaurant. Might work better that way?

  6. Ironically friends that work there knew Friday and were pretty open with it. I think management must have spilled their beans before the scheduled meeting. Sadly we will so miss the great staff and fun times, including Dragamokki. It seems that we have seen so many of our favorites go bye bye lately….including 5th street, lupe, beliza.

  7. Whoever takes the new space should consider ripping up the parking lot in front and expanding the restaurant to the corner, so it hugs the sidewalk/street and place the parking in the back… maybe knock down the Nona Mia space and turn that into parking? You know, help make Atlanta more “urban”.

  8. Subway has been around for 33 years and isn’t go anywhere so the area can support what people want.

  9. Restaurants are such personal businesses that we shouldn’t be surprised when they come and go. The chef/owner/manager have to be really good and committed and even then success is not guaranteed. This particular one served for 12 years which is at least 25 in restaurant years.

  10. this was also reported in the Atlanta Business Chronicle today, so this isn’t the only site that got the information from “sources”. anyone kwnow who owns the property?
    if you’ve got a great concept and deep pockets to build a following there sure are a lot of good restaurant spaces in midtown available (and a few not so good spaces)

  11. Sad to see them go. As Abner stated, the great staff and neighborhood feel will be missed. I heard the reason for closing was a drastic increase in the rent.

    No one has been successful in the Nona Mia space because all attempts have been half baked.

  12. I don’t agree with the above suggestion to build over the parking lot. There are very few businesses in Atlanta that can thrive without convenient parking space near the front door. Atlantans expect it. This is a city where people will drive a quarter mile to a store to avoid walking.

    And can you blame them? With all the crazy car traffic, walking is dangerous!

  13. Not getting rid of the parking lot, but moving it to behind the building. Basically knocking the current building down, build a new one on the current parking lot, and then make a new lot behind the new building. That way, the new building hugs the sidewalk like a real city. So there will still be parking, but it will be in the back of the building with a big sign that says “PARKING” for all the morons here who can’t walk.

  14. Same landlord owns the whole corner. It was for sale before the crash, maybe he is emptying the buildings in anticipation of a recovery? Anyway he aint gonna do any improvements there just to sell it in a couple years.

  15. I think Midtown can use another Burger, Wings and Beer joint. It seems thats thats the kind of culinary delight for most of the Midtown residents living in the lifestyle….How Tragic!

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