Meehan’s Public House to open Midtown location

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Meehan’s Downtown location | Photo courtesy of Meehan’s on Facebook

Irish pub leases 3,500-square-foot space at Atlantic Station.

Meehan’s Public House, an Irish pub, is opening in Midtown.

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101 Concepts, the restaurant group behind Food 101, Cibo E Beve and Meehan’s, today signed a lease to open its Irish pub at Atlantic Station, according to Dotan Zuckerman, new leasing manager for the Midtown mixed-use development.

The Irish pub will take 3,500 square feet of space near Atlantic Station’s European style market, between Cafe Nineteen and Z Gallerie, facing Central Park, Zuckerman told What Now Atlanta in an email Monday.

Meehan’s Atlantic Station location will be it’s fourth pub total, according to the restaurant’s website.

It has a store in Sandy Springs, Vinings and Downtown.


Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

13 Responses

  1. Sweet! I love Meehan’s Pub in Vinings, but rarely go since I live in Virginia Highlands. Great atmosphere and amazing food that’s not pricey.

  2. The new owners of AS continue to impress me. A locally owned pub is something critics kept yammering for, and here you have it! The pieces continue to fall in place…

  3. Im so glad AS is starting to get on track! Last thing we need in MidTown is another Underground!!!!

    I can finally see hope Atlantic Station will become what it was always meant to be….BAD ASS!

  4. Is the pub taking the place of the new “Outdoor Market”? From the description, I can’t figure out any other place that it could be.

  5. I walked around there the other day, and I still can’t figure out where it’s going unless it’s where the indoor/outdoor spaces were recently created for the market.

  6. Great ANOTHER BAR at Atlantic Station – guess you have to fill the space with something since retailers won’t go there. Nothings changed at Atlantic Station its still has nasty as ever, I went the other night and ask a lady to pull her car forward, because she was taking up two spaces, “I’ll do it when, I’m damm good and ready too” was her reply.

    Atlantic Station hasn’t changed at all.

    I hear they were getting rid of the 1/2 street “flea market” in 2012 and told the participants that they had a choice rent a “garage space” or “free standing kiosk” or you won’t be here anymore. HA. another failed attempted at something that they “could do better”.

    With Z gallery leaving at the end of this month and Doc greens’ gone. (Why didn’t you mention that another space was empty Caleb?) it looks like about 50% of the original occupants are gone.

    With the addition of ANOTHER BAR – Atlantic Station is well on there way to become the next Underground.

    Good job.. way to go!!

  7. Pegg, it sounds like you’ve got an ax to grind! While I don’t know whether the new AS folks will pull off their turnaround of the property, you are wrong about no new retailers. They’ve had several open in the last 3 or 4 months.

    Also, why not just find another space to park instead of confronting someone. People with class and decorum don’t get out of their cars and scream for someone to move theirs. Sounds like AS would go up a couple of knotches in class if you just stayed away.

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