Mary Hoopa’s in Hosea + 2nd Has Shuttered, Could Reopen Says Landlord

'We've been working with Mary Hoopa's to make sure they have every opportunity to operate.'

UPDATE (March 20, 2019): Eviction Proceedings Filed Against Mary Hoopa’s Seeks $18,080.50 In Unpaid Rent

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Mary Hoopa’s House of Fried Chicken & Oysters is no longer in business.

For now, anyway.

The Hosea + 2nd restaurant from Robert Phalen, the proprietor of One Eared Stag, has in recent weeks been closing its doors without warning.

Mary Hoopa’s first debuted in February 2018, almost a year ago to the day.

Several patrons found the restaurant dark when they arrived to dine as early as mid-January, according to comments on the Mary Hoopa’s Facebook page.

“Are y’all open on Tuesdays?,” Nick Jones inquired on the restaurant’s page.

“Just stopped by and the place was closed. Door, website, and [Facebook] show open seven days week but Google says you’re closed. What’s the deal? Love the food and was just craving some of those boiled peanuts.”

Rachel Monroe said it “would be nice to see accurate business hours on your website and Facebook page. Tried to bring a group of 10 tonight and we were very disappointed that you’re closed.”

Nathan Bolster, a partner at ReDevStudio, the restaurant’s landlord, in a telephone conversation Wednesday told What Now Atlanta (WNA) Mary Hoopa’s could reopen its doors.

“We’ve been working with Mary Hoopa’s to make sure they have every opportunity to operate,” Bolster said.

“If they have decided to permanently close, we’re prepared to fill the space with one of several interested operators.”

Phalen did not immediately respond to WNA’s request for comment Wednesday.

Mary Hoopa's House of Fried Chicken and Oysters
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Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

4 Responses

  1. I love this Space! Was so jealous always wanted to put Urban Cannibals on that corner. Seems like the perfect intersection. We used to go to the farmers market every Saturday and I would down the whole week day dreaming about building a bigger better UC there someday.
    Hate that this is happening for them they created a great looking space

  2. Sad for all my coworkers.i went to work today to only find out that I don’t have a job no more.unpleasant way to find out that your unemployed. Lord knows I felt like someone wiped out my soul…… It had a very nice & trained staffing.just to say I’m out of work government isn’t fair.

    1. If you or your coworkers need assistance, check out The Giving Kitchen ( Anyone who lives in downtown/midtown/westside can reach out to Midtown Assistance Center ( for potential help with rent, utility, food, MARTA for new jobs,work shoes and uniform vouchers.

  3. Sad – great food, but kinda spotty service. I really wanted this place to succeed, but I guess it’s too far off the beaten path and too unique of an idea for there to be too many repeat patrons. My one time there was great, but I never went again… I’m sure I’m not the only one.

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