Part Men’s Spa, Part Cigar Lounge ManCave Opens Dec. 7 Offering $1,000/Month Memberships

Lindridge-Martin Manor 'male-centric' facility has been in the works since 2017
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ManCave Atlanta, a new men’s spa and event facility in the Lindridge-Martin Manor neighborhood, has set its official opening for December 7, according to a press release Friday. The “male-centric” facility, at 2139 Liddell Dr. NE, features a spa that includes manicure and pedicure, facial and massage suites, as well as cigar and sports lounges that can be “utilized for various purposes” when rented out.

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“We want men to feel like they’re at home,” Darnika “Nika” Platt, the owner of ManCave Atlanta, said in the release “I wanted to encompass everything that appeals to the gentlemen. I wanted an intimate facility that was also luxurious and upscale.”

Platt began the process of building out her vision for ManCave Atlanta in 2017. She developed the concept through conversation with men who would frequent self-care and day spas that she often visited. “I decided to start ManCave Atlanta because there was nothing like this that existed just for men,” Platt said. “Men didn’t have anything like this, especially when it comes to services that women get to enjoy all of the time like day spa services.”

While ManCave Atlanta’s spa services are open to the public — including people of all genders despite the focus on men — the company’s “more exclusive perks,” such as the daily use of the lounges, are reserved for members. Membership starts at $250 per month with the most expensive option asking $1,000 monthly. The most expensive membership — “Package C” — includes access to both lounges, complimentary facial, manicure, pedicure, and massage once quarterly, valet door service, up to 15 “free entry guests” per visit, and other benefits.

“The idea came to me when I would talk to the men who would visit the same nail salon that I visited,” Platt said. “I gathered all the pros and cons of why they like to be there. I started to research and developed the idea from there. The vibe that I wanted was like the show ‘Cheers,’ where everyone knows your name, so I built off that.”

Caleb J. Spivak

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  1. Unless its been drastically updated since google maps rolled by the exterior is a bit shabby for the vibe, though interiors are what matter. Also will probably the subject of noise complaints with all the housing around.

    1. Looking at the comments from the last article, it appears the locals are not pleased.
      Not sure how they got a pouring license being that close to residences.
      Probably a ‘private club’ loophole.

  2. How long until it’s shut down either because A) they cause a huge amount of late-night noise and the property is surrounded by houses, or B) there’s a fight/shooting/stabbing inside or in the parking lot?

    1. They already did have a huge amount of late night noise and other associated problems and were still issues a liquor license and allowed to open.

  3. Not sure why this is news… That area of town has always had a lot of “private men’s only clubs”.

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