[Renderings] The Mall At Peachtree Center To Become ‘The Hub’

The Downtown mixed-use development Monday announced plans to overhaul its three-story retail center.

The Downtown mixed-use development Monday announced plans to overhaul its three-story retail center.

Banyan Street Capital Monday announced plans to overhaul Peachtree Center’s three-story retail center and outdoor courtyard into “The Hub.”

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The mixed-use development has officially begun the redevelopment project, a nod to Peachtree Center’s “position at the heart of Downtown and its connectivity, walkability and energy.”

“John Portman, Jr.’s original vision for Peachtree Center was revolutionary at the time – a central hub with a mix of uses for office workers, out-of-town visitors and Atlanta locals to experience the heartbeat of the city,” Rudy Prio Touzet, CEO of Banyan, said in a prepared statement.

“We’re excited to honor his pioneering vision with this new renovation and bring Peachtree Center into the 21st century, in step with the renaissance of Downtown Atlanta as a whole. By opening up The Hub to foot traffic on Peachtree Street and ushering in a new era of dining, shopping, entertainment and events, Peachtree Center will truly serve as a connected, fully modern workplace and urban destination.”

The Beck Group is working with Banyan Street Capital to integrate Peachtree Center’s mid-century modern architecture into the fabric of a next-generation, urban hub.

The courtyard, which lies between two of the community’s six iconic office towers, will be redesigned to better connect with pedestrian traffic on Peachtree Street and function as a “town square.”

The retail center will evolve into The Hub, which will debut in spring 2019, bringing new food offerings and experiences to Downtown Atlanta.

Barriers that impede pedestrian flow will be removed, all finishes and furnishes will be upgraded and updated lighting will brighten the space.

All entrances will be modernized with backlit glass panels and steel canopies to increase their prominence and make them more inviting for the 12 million people annually arriving at The Hub, whether on foot, in their car, on their bike or on MARTA.

Along with the facelift, The Hub will feature a new line-up of restaurants, shops and entertainment.

Amy Fingerhut of CBRE is overseeing the retail re-merchandising, actively working to bring “foodie-focused eateries, unique entertainment experiences and boutique services like fitness and grocery to the mixed-use destination.”

“People are finding endless reasons to rediscover Downtown Atlanta, the heart of the City and the region,” A.J. Robinson, President of Central Atlanta Progress and the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District, said in a prepared statement.

“With major renovations and redevelopments underway at iconic activity centers like Peachtree Center, we are bearing witness to an exciting new chapter for Downtown, one embraced by the community at large.”

Even before the renovation commenced, Peachtree Center has activated the property with community placemaking initiatives like the weekly Green Market, which features local fresh food purveyors, an Atlanta Falcons pep rally and Business Bites in partnership with Central Atlanta Progress.

The development has also embraced a Relay Bike Share and new bike path.

This year, Peachtree Center also welcomed Atlanta Regional Commission and Literacy Action as new tenants.

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

3 Responses

  1. Just some things that would be nice to see in the new space:
    – a gym
    – a walking track (people would come to get there steps in while being exposed to the retails and food available.
    – a grocery store or food market
    – healthy eateries (Evos, Vitality Bowls, the place that is in the center now)

  2. Excellent to see this happening. Keep the shoe shine stand and the great guys who run it. Pay attention to amenities that not only benefit the local users, but focus also on the needs of the travelers and visitors who attend conventions and fill the adjacent hotels.

  3. I can hardly wait. I’ve been living in Atlanta for 12 years and this place has never been so impressive but they are finally making it better.

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