Mae’s Bakery to open Lenox Village location August 24

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Mae’s Bakery to open Lenox Village location August 24

Bake shop joins Roasters, Sushi Kiku, and Pizzeria Venti at the Buckhead shopping center.

Mae’s Bakery, a bake shop featuring a full selection of made-from-scratch treats, in a press release Wednesday announced its Buckhead location will open Friday, August 24.

The new bakery, at 2770 Lenox Road, will retail cookies, cupcakes, whoopie pies, muffins and more. The majority of Mae’s offerings will change daily, with a handful of its most popular treats on a permanent menu, according to the release.

Beth Castro, owner and founder of the Buckhead bakery, came up with idea for Mae’s after spending 14 years in foodservice and constantly having friends tell her she should sell her home-baked cupcakes and cookies, the release notes.

“Baking has always been a passion of mine and, after years of friends telling me I should sell my creations, I decided I had to open a shop,” Castro said in the release. “We don’t know of any other place in the area with craft coffees, so we’re very happy to bring our full bar to the area.”

The coffee bar at Mae's will serve up Counter Culture Coffee, all handcrafted and fresh roasted, with accompanying hand-made syrups and caramels.

Fahra Krifkovic, who served as head baker at Southern Sweets in Decatur, will be joining the team at Mae’s. Brandon Malcolm, former coffee manager at Empire State South, will oversee the bakery’s team of seven baristas.

“We will be able to tell you exactly where the coffee we’re serving you has come from, including the actual farmer,” Malcolm said in the release. “It’s essentially the farm to table movement for coffee.”

Castro named her bakery after her daughter, Mae. Atlanta’s Gray Gatlin Designs Inc. designed the bakery’s interior.

Photo courtesy of Mae's Bakery.


Mae’s Bakery

2770 Lenox Rd NE Atlanta, GA 30324
Caleb J. Spivak
Caleb Spivak

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6 responses to “Mae’s Bakery to open Lenox Village location August 24

  1. Leave it to Atlanta to fill the "I'm so cool, that I'm actually lame" stereotype. The city that was once just a place where mid-level management maxed out their credit on cars they couldn't afford, so they could pull up to exclusive nightclubs without door policies, and sit in a "VIP" section whose only pre-requisite is nothing more than the ability to buy a bottle of vodka (which can be shared with 27 friends), has now taken the transition to hipster to an extreme that makes virtually no sense at all.

    Portlandia did a parody on this type of obnoxious behavior - in that case getting what amounted to a birth certificate, and meeting the farmer who was responsible for the free-range chicken that was about to be consumed in a restaurant. Now, in Buckhead of all places, you can meet the individual who farmed your beans. Atlanta is practically a theme park for all that is wrong with the world.

  2. @Urbanist

    At what point in your life will you become the small business owner that opens restaurants and boutiques that meet your standards? What about the real estate developer who builds towers that please all of your design, location, density, parking, and amenity needs? Your constant bursts of negative comments on every story posted on this site is just sickening. If you're not happy, do something about it.

  3. @ Chris - I've developed towers that have been environmentally friendly, well designed, and dense beyond Atlanta's imagination. I no longer develop, but I provide equity for people that do. Does any of my money go into Atlanta projects? Absolutely not. Why? Because there isn't an operator in this city that I would work with. There are plenty that turn a nice return, but the world is full of operators that turn a nice return without sacrificing the integrity of their project, or the future of the neighborhood they develop in. I happen to bounce back and forth between Atlanta and other places, and I'm just not the type of person who can keep their mouth shut when I get worked up about something. Self inflicted damage due to stupidity and a continuing lack of foresight is one of those things.

  4. I honestly can't blame Urbanist. Development is a joke all over the Atlanta region. It's like the politicians don't give a damn. They just give the keys to awful developers like Sembler and
    have them build disgusting, generic developments that add nothing to this city.

    Case in point is the horrible WalMart development being mentioned for the Lindbergh MARTA area. What a joke that is. Horrible traffic there already on Piedmont Road. We already have a Target. Why the hell would we need a WalMart, which is a complete duplication of everything Target sells? As if traffic isn't bad enough already. Do they even do traffic studies before approving crap like this or just give the key to Sembler to destroy the city?

  5. @Dave - I can't imagine this Walmart happening. No matter what we all think about politicians, I just can't see this happening. Though, of course, I can be eating my words in a couple of years!

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