Loews’ STK restaurant waits for $12,000 sign before opening

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Let’s hope this isn’t a “sign” of the cost to eat there.

UPDATE (Dec. 2, 2011): Leaked! Midtown’s STK to have ‘soft opening’ Dec. 15

STK Atlanta’s been grilling on low heat for the past year or so and is still a little rare especially after filing permits to begin construction last December.

But grab your plates because this Midtown steakhouse will soon be sizzling perfection (lets hope the food is too).

The steakhouse located at 1075 Peachtree Street in the Loews Hotel building, filed a permit for an outdoor sign with City of Atlanta Monday.

The estimated cost of the “wall sign” is $12,313 and will be bolted to the wall, according to the permit.

In most cases, the wall sign permit is often the last of several filed during the construction process and indicates the project is coming to a close.

STK is still on schedule to open this Fall, according to its Facebook page.

  • Excellent news. Midtown needs a steakhouse to compete with Bones and Chops in Buckhead as well as Ruth’s Chris and Morton’s. This place looks like its stylish and inclusive (meaning its chic enough that women will enjoy the ambiance and not feel out of place like they do at Chops). Looking forward to trying it out. Midtown now has the best selection of restaurants in the city hands down…Empire State South, 4th and Swift, Ecco, Spice, Escorpion, Steel, One Midtown, South City Kitchen, etc.

  • Agreed…this will be a great addition. I’ve eaten at STK before, and it’s pretty good. It also has a vibe that’s a lot different from the old (and not very good, in my opinion) Buckhead steakhouses. Just hoping there are enough carnivores in midtown, to keep this place in business…let’s just hope they don’t have ghetto steak on the menu, for Palin’s sake.

  • @Urbanist

    What’s your issue with the “vibe” at the Buckhead steakhouses? Too white?

    Yeah, I’m sure restaurants that serve meat have a tough time in Midtown.

  • Well there really isn’t a nice steakhouse in Midtown, so it fills a niche. Also, plenty of office workers/hotel guests to keep it busy. The tower above STK (1075 Peachtree) is going to be filled with 1,100 PwC workers and SunTrust is moving 350 employees to the Campanile building so I think this restaurant will do well.

  • @ Matt – the vibe at Buckhead steakhouses is old, stodgy, and boring. Hal’s, Bones, and Chops all follow the same boring formula that steakhouses have been told they’re supposed to follow for god knows how long. Their food isn’t remarkable, the service is excellent however, which makes it hard to justify eating there. If I’m going to go to Buckhead, it’s got to be a better reason than mediocre food to set off the super frat crowds, the pathetic old men, and the beautiful, but intellectually absent, women.

    I know this doesn’t really go over well for most of the Buckhead crowds, but restaurants with taste know that there’s more to it than slapping some white linens on a table and piping Frank Sinatra through the place. Come to think of it, perhaps that’s why very few exist in Buckhead.

  • For once, couldn’t agree with Urbanist more. We have needed a steakhouse in Midtown and Im all for anything that lets me further avoid Buckhead. However I haven’t gone to Buckhead for steak since Rathbun’s steak opened, which is in my opinion better than all the “classic” places.

  • YES! I am also excited for a more modern steakhouse. Lets hope this place is popular and attracts other high end restaurants and retailers to come to Peachtree Street.

  • has anyone looked inside the space recently? it is at least 6 months away from completion. it was totally raw space inside 2 nights ago.

  • Well I don’t care about the timetable too much because I am still fairly fresh out of college and won’t be spending $60 on a steak or $100 on a date there anytime soon unless my parents come to Atlanta and take me out 🙂 BUT, I’m glad to know that the place is still planning on opening. I am about to walk by, as I do at least 3-4 times a day, and for the longest time I got to thinking the place wasn’t going to happen.

    Also, Urbanist, some of the best steakhouses in New York haven’t been updated or changed in 50-80 years. Their atmosphere is very much like Bones and they are usually considered some of the best steakhouses in the world (and several famous, conservatively old dishes like Lobster Newberg came out of these places). Bones is a really traditional steakhouse that is rare if not non-existent in most cities nowadays. STK will be different, but both will be good (hopefully) in their own right.

    Also, Buckhead has a lot of good restaurants. I’m not a big Buckhead guy myself, but I won’t deny that many of my favorite restaurants in the city are in the Buckhead area.

  • I’m aware that some of NYC’s steakhouses haven’t been updated in a long time. Not sure which one’s you’re referring to, but my personal opinion is that NY’s best steakhouse is only 7 or 8 years old (short compared to some of the other “institutions”). However, what you consider “best” probably isn’t what I consider “best”, which is fine – best is kind of an objective term.

    However, a steakhouse can be likened to a bespoke clothesmaker. They all get their beef (or their fabrics) from the same places – or at least they all have access to all the same materials. The difference is in what they do after they acquire those steaks/fabrics, and it’s not just about the cut. Bones, Chops, etc. have great cuts of meat. So does STK, BLT, Rathbuns, etc. However, Bones, Chops, etc. takes that meat, and serves it in a stale environment that just follows an outdated and overplayed formula. Other places do something different, and it adds value.

    No surprise your favorite restaurants are in Buckhead – you’re a recent college grad with not much money in his pocket. In a few years, you’ll probably look back and say what the F was I thinking…unless you’re the type that thinks 5 Paces is the greatest nightlife venue on the planet.

  • Holy cow! In one post Urbanist has further cemented his position as Renaissance man bar none!

    — New York steakhouse connoisseur
    — Bespoke clothing expert
    — Atlanta steakhouse expert
    — Ambiance critic

    All this plus a subtle, smug smackdown of Johnny Simmons and his current financial condition.

    What an aesthete!

  • Great!! I’ve been looking everywhere for news and updates on this place, as well as waiting and waiting for it to open!!!
    thanks for the update

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