Lead Singer For Punk Band 'The Luchagors' To Open Wrestling Themed Coffeehouse

java lords lucha lounge opening in west midtown ~ what now, atlanta?

The Westside's About To Get A Smack Down

West Midtown has everything-- interior design showrooms, national retailers, restaurant destinations and even empty condominiums, but it's missing something: a Mexican wrestling themed coffee shop.

Amy Dumas, the retired WWE wrestler and now lead vocalist for The Luchagors, is teaming up with Rob Thompson, owner of Little Five Points' Java Lords Coffeehouse and Holy Mother Tattoo, to open West Midtown's newest culinary feat: Java Lord's Lucha Lounge.

Taking space in Apex, the apartment complex that's home to Corner Tavern on Huff road near Marietta Boulevard, Java Lord's Lucha Lounge is slated to open late November.

But what the hell is a 'Lucha Lounge' and why do we want coffee there? Our overly reliable source, Wikipedia, gives us insight on Lucha libre, a term "used in Mexico, and other Spanish-speaking countries referring to a form of professional wrestling involving varied mock combat techniques and moves."

So, are the baristas going to wear masks and spandex? Will customers who order light roast instead of dark roast be forced into a Stone Cold Stunner? Will they decorate with the types of posters fourteen year-olds hang on the back of their bedroom doors showcasing half naked woman pretending to wrestle?

Whatever the answer, we'll take our coffee with cream, two sugars and BEFORE round one.

Photo credit: Micheal Godard

Java Lord's Lucha Lounge
1133 Huff Rd NW
Atlanta, GA 30318