Las Palmeras, RuSan's, Papi's and other restaurants that failed July health inspections

More failed inspections in Fulton county include Top Meal Cafe and Grand Buffet.

What's considered failing?

Restaurants that score anything below a 70 (out of 100) on it's health inspection is failing, according to April Majors, public information officer for the Fulton County Environmental Health Services Department.

With out further ado, here's a list of Fulton County restaurants that failed their health inspection in July-- Bon appétit!

Las Palmeras

Failed inspection: July 27, 2012 Score: 67, Grade: U (Full report and violations)

(366 Fifth Street Atlanta, GA 30308)



Failed inspection: July 30 , 2012 Score: 55, Grade: U (Full report and violations)

(3365 Piedmont Road Suite 1140 Atlanta, GA 30305)


Papi's East Cuban Cuisine

Failed inspection: August 1, 2012 Score: 57, Grade: U (Full report and violations)

(216 Ponce de Leon Avenue Atlanta, GA 30308) 


Top Meal Cafe

Failed inspection: July 17, 2012 Score: 63, Grade: U (Full report and violations)

(5660 New Northside Drive Suite 180 Atlanta, GA 30328)


Grand Buffet

Failed inspection: July 25, 2012 Score: 48, Grade: U (Full report and violations)

(2625 Piedmont Road Atlanta, GA 30324)

[Editor's note: The health inspection reports listed might not reflect the most recent scores for these restaurants. Wondering why we don’t publish re-inspections and passing scores? Click here.]

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