Kirkwood Public House to reopen as VIP Sports Bar and Lounge

kirkwood public house ~ what now, atlanta?

'Upscale sports bar' takes gastro pub's place

UPDATE (April 3, 2011): New Kirkwood Public House owner blames Atlanta Business Chronicle for cheesy name

No, that's not a misprint.

The former Kirkwood Public House will reopen as VIP Sports Bar and Lounge, according to the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

The pub was sold through the Schumacher group on March 3 to restaurateur, David Johnson, who plans on transforming the second floor of the 3,600-square-foot restaurant into a "VIP area." Johnson, who also owns Cafe Bleu Restaurant and Lounge in Lawrenceville, said the restaurant at 1963 Hosea Williams Drive is slated to open May 1.

What Now Atlanta spoke with Alana Kelly on a trip to the restaurant Sunday, owner of neighboring flower and gift shop Gitche' Yah Yah, who said she "wants anything to open there."

We can't imagine after finding out Johnson's plans for the space, she'll feel the same way (unless she considers herself a VIP, of course).

"I purchased this space specifically because it was next to a restaurant," said Kelly. "Traffic next door means more business for everyone."

We asked Kelly why she thought the Kirkwood Public House closed in the first place. If you recall in our announcement of the restaurant's closure, previous owner John Turpin said he closed the pub to "pursue his passions."

"If the new restaurant has good food and good service, it will do well," Kelly said. "That should answer your question."

Kirkwood residents, Dawn and Michael Gilreath, told What Now Atlanta while attempting to open the restaurant's front door, "we didn't know they we're closed."

Kirkwood Public House, the full service gastro pub in historic Kirkwood, closed at the first of the year (story here).

"We don't want something new, we liked what we had," said Michael. "We don't have many options for places to take our baby."

Kirkwood Public House
1963 Hosea Williams Drive
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