Kirkwood Public House closes; Owner puts it up for sale

kirkwood public house ~ what now, atlanta?

Price: $245,000. But hey, it includes the Facebook page.

UPDATE (March 14, 2011): Kirkwood Public House to reopen as VIP Sports Bar and Lounge

Kirkwood Public House will close tonight, Jan. 2.

Located at 1963 Hosea Williams drive in Kirkwood, the restaurant first opened in August of 2007 and is now listed for sale through the Shumacher Group.

Ever the optimist, Owner John Turpin believes the restaurant will sell and reopen under new ownership within 90 days. We don't mean to piss on anybody's corn flakes, but that seems to be a bit of a stretch.

"The closure is positive though," said Turpin, who adds he is closing Kirkwood Public House to pursue his passions. Ay ya yai, positive?  For Turpin, sure.  For all the people who lost their jobs?  Not so much.

"I've discovered my passion is in designing restaurants and building them. Not running them."

Turpin is currently designing and consulting for a "French inspired bistro"  that will open Downtown Locust Grove.

"I've had customers coming in crying thinking that I am losing everything. That's not the case."

We believe you Mr. Turpin. Your employees are.

"There is enough doom and gloom in Atlanta and the decisions I made are strictly provoked from pursuing my passions."

Turpin adds that five potential owners are negotiating for the space.

"I am willing to entertain other offers, though."

Anybody's corn flakes getting wet?

Kirkwood Public House
1963 Hosea Williams Drive
Atlanta GA, 30317