Kebbi Williams Files Plans For Art Gallery Concept

Grammy award winning musician and community leader to open art space in West End this summer.

Grammy award winning musician and community leader to open art space in West End this summer.

Atlantans in search of a place to enjoy experimental and non-commercial art, music and poetry will have a spot to go to beginning this summer.

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Kebbi Williams is beginning work on an art gallery concept at 986 Ralph D Abernathy Boulevard, in the West End.

The space is 1,300 square feet, according to a commercial alteration permit filed with City of Atlanta.

Williams is the man behind the nonprofit organization Music In The Park, an operation that uplifts and highlights exceptionally musically talented youths and allows them to play music alongside internationally acclaimed artists. Williams began the organization in 2010 and has since served 5100 students and engaged over 300 professional musicians.

Williams himself is a Grammy award winning multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, arranger, and teacher who is known for being one of today’s leading improvisers on tenor saxophone. He also holds an undergraduate degree in Jazz and a Master’s degree in Jazz Studies from Howard University.

In a phone conversation with What Now Atlanta Thursday, Williams said that he is opening the gallery because he sees a need in Atlanta to create a place where people can enjoy not only visual art, but poetry, music and other forms of art that may be more avant-garde and non-commercial. A place where people can experience music that isn’t necessarily pop or top rap hits.

He believes that the whole city needs more places like this, but has chosen to open the gallery in West End because he is familiar with the neighborhood.

The gallery space will open this summer.

Kebbi Williams
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Image used with permission from Music In The Park website.

Would you like to see more avant-garde and non-commercial art spaces around town? Tell us below…


Julia Sirb

Julia studied Urban Planning and Economic Development at GSU's School of Policy Studies. She is interested in the way a city's built environment, policy decisions, and economy work together to shape its culture. When not typing, she's writing calligraphy or looking for the next great shot through the lens of her medium format film camera.
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Carl Trimble
Carl Trimble
6 years ago

Great concept and location.

Lance Williams
Lance Williams
6 years ago


Dwight Spence
Dwight Spence
6 years ago

Glad someone can see Value in the (Our) Community. We need more.

Ike Diamond
Ike Diamond
6 years ago

Very necessary!

6 years ago

Can’t wait! Atlanta is long overdue for this creative expression. We know that this is going to be the truth. Gooooooooo!

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