Junior's Grill at Georgia Tech to close Thursday

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Junior's Grill at Georgia Tech to close Thursday

Midtown restaurant to shutter April 21 at 2:30 p.m. after 63 years

Update (April 21): Junior's Grill at Tech might not close

Junior's Grill, The Georgia Institute of Technology mainstay at 84 5th Street will close after 63 years due to a decline in business, Technique Newspaper first reported.

Tommy Klemis, owner of Junior's, told Technique Wednesday that "it’s time to yield to new directions for the school."

Winfield Featherston, Georgia Tech student, announced the closing Wednesday on the student ran publication powered by SB Nation, From The Rumble Seat.

"This comes as a sad and sudden realization that one more tradition of Georgia Tech will be placed in the archives rather than lived by future freshman," Featherston said in the report.

"Seriously, who had the best chicken tenders? Juniors!"

Klemis was not immediately available for comment and nothing has been confirmed on what might replace the Georgia Tech grill.


Junior's Grill
84 5th Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30308

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9 responses to “Junior's Grill at Georgia Tech to close Thursday

  1. During my 12 years at GT I survived on dress-2-cheese-all-side just about every day. It's a real shame its time is ending.

  2. With Tech Square dining options, and the opening of campus to the outside world it's easy to see why this has happened. It's really sad though, I have lots of memories of eating there in the early 2000s.

  3. My memories of Junior's are of eating french toast on weekend mornings more than eating chicken tenders or burgers. I went there fairly regularly when I was a Tech student in the early 90s. I wish it hadn't moved on campus after the Olympics. With its on campus location and newer hours it made it hard for those of us no longer on campus to get there for a meal.

  4. @Jonathan: Apparently, you haven't looked at the cost of other tier 1 engineering schools. GaTech is the biggest bargain in education.

  5. Hope juniors can reopen. Always loved their burgers and gyros. Ate there as a student and an alumnus. It's a short distance across North Ave (overhead walkway). $1.50 to park for an hour. IMO its not hard to get there at all. You just need to be willing to walk a couple hundred yards...actually it's nice when the weather is good. But most alumni tend to forget about it as an option, even if they live in town.

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