Is Lime Fresh Mexican Grill shoving its burrito in Atlanta’s face?

Mexican joint already opening third metro location, forced one restaurant into name change, chopped another into guacamole.

Atlanta metro area diners are being greeted by Lime Fresh Mexican Grill with a little more than a warm “hola.”

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The Florida-based quick service Mexican joint seems to be taking any and all available space it can find, forcing other restaurants to change names and others to go out of business.

But we’ll rant about all of that a few graphs down.

Thursday, Lime Fresh filed a permit with City of Atlanta to make alterations to the Genghis Grill space, at 2140 Peachtree Road, for its newest location. The Mexican restaurant will spend an estimated $95,000 altering the space.

Since entering the Atlanta market, here’s how Lime Fresh has made its welcome so far:

  1. On February 22, Lime Fresh opened its first Atlanta metro area location in the now shuttered Johnny Rocket’s Bukchead. The 20-year-old burger joint fought to stay opened but was chopped into guacamole.
  2. Midtown’s Bakeshop is also being transformed into a Lime Fresh, the Mexican restaurant’s second location.
  3. Smyrna’s Lime Taqueria was threatened with a lawsuit and forced by Lime Fresh to change its name.

Although Lime Fresh’s public relations deaprtment is in touch with What Now Atlanta, it doesn’t seem to want to share information on other planned locations.

That’s probably because it hopes to go gang busters on Atlanta like Del Taco, which is planning 60 locations.

Photo courtesy of Buckhead Patch.


  • What a strangely written article. Why so bitchy about a burrito place opening a few locations? I wouldn’t talk to you either if I were their PR department.

  • I won’t be eating there either. As someone who actually lives in the neighborhood, my family loved Johnny Rockets and will miss it. As do other families who live in the area. We already have plenty of crappy chain mexican food options in the Buckhead area, thank you very little

  • Why so bitchy? Really? These guys have killed off two places and think they own a citrus. I can’t imagine why they don’t deserve a bitchy tone.

  • I love how a chain that never existed in GA can move ianshan force an existing business to change its name. Corporate bully anyone? They serve crap btw. I live in Midtown and if I want good Mexican ill eat at Escorpion thank you.

  • I actually Lime. I live close by and will eat there way more than I ever would at Johnny Rockets. Johnny Rockets has had better days and its run was over. With Flip, Farm burger, Smash Burker, Grindhouse and others, johnny rockets was done. I dont mind a better lunch. Better than Willie and Moes, thats for sure. I’ll take it, thank you.

  • What are you people bitching about? Lime didn’t shut these places down, they clsoed because they let themselves be shut down… Their business model wasn’t good enough to survive.. Have to tell you that the negative comments made and the article itself shows a sad state of ignorance around here.. Why would you blame a new business coming in and trying to make a go of itself? Those of you who belittle these openings should be ashamed of yourself. Perhaps you should take a lesson in business versus looking at things from such a narrow point of view.

  • Objectively tried this place over the weekend and the food is not good. Seriously, these are taco’s and burrito’s that I can make better and cheaper at home. The salsa bar is borderline disgusting and the southwestern style salad is on the same level as Arby’s, but three times the price. If these people don’t figure the menu out quickly, it’s moving to the death march page. I’ll check back in a month to see if things have changed.

  • I know this is a old article, but isn’t it funny how this Lime Fresh Mexican Grill is now out of business. Having a huge ego is nothing but a recipe for disaster, this is why they failed.

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