Is Atlanta’s last Goodfellas location permanently closed?

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Midtown pizza joint abruptly shutters for renovations.

Goodfellas Pizza & Wings has temporarily closed its Midtown location, the last of three metro Atlanta stores.

The pizza and wings restaurant on Spring Street has signs posted to its windows and entrance alerting patrons that it’s closed for renovations but plans on reopening.

Goodfellas’ Downtown location was the first to close. Its Edgewood store appears to have shuttered but has not been confirmed to no longer be in business.

The Downtown location closed when the landlord reportedly evicted his tenant and the Edgewood location’s phone has been disconnected.

Guess we’ll wait and see if Goodfellas’ Midtown location ever reopens?  Perhaps its owner’s waiting for Godough?

  • A disconnected phone means the tenant is no longer there. Trust me. It might as well be reported closed (the Edgewood location I mean…and it looks obviously closed, too).

    I think it is safe to infer that the overall business did not make it. I can’t claim to know what happened, but I do know it’s a type of business that usually pulls a loan out to expand, and this business’s expansions did not work out. I don’t see how Goodfellas can service debt for 2 expansion locations using just one small location (maybe owner has filed for bankruptcy).

    Meanwhile, aren’t the owners the same people who run the 24 hour diner at the Windsor condos down the road (corner of North and Peachtree)? I hope the rash of closures does not spread there, too. Georgia Tech students just now coming back for Fall will be very disappointed. Probably their largest business segment.

  • you are correct- same owner of broadway diner… was just there saturday night myself. amazing how much better crappy to marginal food tastes at 3 am…

  • @ Palin – can you please enlighten everyone as to what exactly “ghetto pizza” actually is? Is it pizza served in the ghetto? Does it have toppings that are grown in the ghetto? Does it’s crust style find it’s origins in the ghetto? Or are you just a bitter, whiny, hick who likes to describe everything that doesn’t fit underneath your white hood as “ghetto”?

  • @Urbanist

    Hahaha that is great. After reading these stories I think I am going to start playing the word association drinking game. The way he/she throws around “ghetto”, I would be out before dinner. And I think your last statement was right on point. A bitter hick, who probably had some unfavorable incident happen and now uses it to generalize everything. Which also always explains the absence of any tangible facts when he/she is trying to make their point. It is always just singular opinion with no real evidence to back it up.

  • I’m going to miss this place. It was a nice spot to stop at after late drinks or a concert/film. They could have worked on the layout a bit, but certainly not anything that made me want to stay away.

  • We are still open!!!!!!!!!! We just had some mechanical problems and had to close for a week. Back to full operations.

  • Ohh yeah we are NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT the same owners of broadway diner. People got to get there facts straight.

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