Atlantic Station’s 7 page progress report (word for word)

Atlantic Station releases six month progress report.

Six months into its reign over Atlantic Station, real estate developer North American Properties (NAP), released a detailed, seven page progress report.

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And while other media outlets decide what the hell to do with it, What Now Atlanta decided to go ahead and share — word for word — what Atlantic Station so diligently put together.


P.S., make sure to speak your mind in the comment section after reading the report (NAP is begging for community input).

ATLANTA – Aug. 16, 2011 – Atlantic Station announced today a six-month “Progress Report” to give its neighbors an update on the transformative steps taken to remodel the Midtown center, including new tenants, shops and restaurants, a sweeping new public safety initiative and a $2.5 million investment to overhaul the parking facility and more than $2 million invested to improve the “guest experience.”

The progress report announced today includes the most new retailers and tenants announced at Atlantic Station since its opening in 2005, including:

  1. The new office of Creative Loafing/Atlanta, which will bring more than 40 reporters, editors and staffers from Atlanta’s legendary city weekly newspaper to Atlantic Station in November
  2. The first Atlanta location of Yard House, the California-based American fare, beer- forward, classic rock restaurant. Yard House will take the former space occupied by Dolce Enoteca in April 2012

Atlantic Station announced in January a plan to make the center more responsive to the Midtown community. As part of that process, Atlantic Station asked its neighbors – through social media and public meetings – what they wanted the center to be. The response was overwhelming, with more than 1,000 comments and suggestions. Based on that feedback, Atlantic Station announced in May a “10-point Plan,” or a list of pledges to make over the center.

Included below is Atlantic Station’s Progress Report on those pledges:

1. Listen – We promised to seek the input of the Midtown community to identify the retailers, events and programming our guests wanted to see.


  • Asked Midtown neighbors what they wanted from Atlantic Station
  • Logged more than 1,000 responses and comments
  • Created “10-point Plan” to re-imagine Atlantic Station
  • Selected Pinkberry from numerous yogurt options via social media
  • Established a Blog in order to update, monitor and provide an open door policy for feedback


  • Re-launching a completely overhauled Atlantic Station website, coming in September
  • Continuing to ask for weekly feedback via Twitter, Facebook and other outlets

2. Improve public safety – We pledged to emulate the Midtown Blue public safety model to make residents and guests feel more comfortable


  • Opened a 24-hour Public Safety Office in the heart of the center
  • Deployed a new force of uniformed private officers
  • Doubled Atlanta Police Department man hours on property
  • Monitored parts of the center with video surveillance
  • Imposed a zero-tolerance code of conduct aimed at loitering and non-productive activity
  • Hired Wayne Mock, head of the Midtown Alliance’s successful Midtown Blue public safety program, as a consultant
  • Assigned public safety personnel to public transit shuttles


3. Fix the parking – We promised our neighbors we would completely change the parking experience


  • Continued enforcement of Code of Conduct and zero-tolerance policy
  • Ongoing partnership with Atlanta Police Department and key city officials
  • Investing $2.5 million this summer to overhaul the parking facility, making it brighter, neater and easier to use
  • Provided a new valet service to give guests more comfort and convenience, parking 800 cars per week
  • Installed easy-to-use Parkmobile card swipe pay stations on street level spaces, the first deployment of the technology in metro Atlanta


4. Get the word out – We committed to build an unparalleled digital platform to give guests up-to-the minute information and regularly ask for comments and feedback


  • New signage and lighting for the parking facility to deliver in September
  • Doubled social media following since January 2011: 13,750 Facebook likes, 5,800 Twitter followers
  • No. 1 Klout score (rating of social media influence) among comparable U.S. centers
  • Launched YouTube channel (15,000 unique views since launch)
  • Hired a full-time social media manager


  • Re-launching new and improved Atlantic Station website in September focused on interactivity, social media channels and property-community communication
  • Continuing to lead the industry in leveraging social media to engage our neighbors, guests and the community

5. Close the nightclubs – We said late night partying and associated behaviors were not part of our vision and we would take steps to ensure a comfortable, friendly atmosphere



6. Meet the market – We recognized that the retail and restaurant mix did not resonate with our Midtown neighbors, and we promised to retool it


  • Signed leases for new restaurants and retailers that are more responsive to Midtown’s young, affluent consumers, including:
  1. Yard House (first location in Atlanta)
  2. Pinkberry (new intown location)
  3. Drew Lewis (local boutique)
  4. Sole (local boutique)


7. Go local – We understood our neighbors wanted fewer chains and more locally operated retailers and chef-driven restaurants



  • Introducing Designer Pop-up shops during Fashion’s Night Out – and an ongoing Pop-up shop program as a home for local retailers
  • More new local retailers, chef-driven restaurants and exciting concepts to be announced later in 2011

8. Reach out – We pledged to improve Atlantic Station by partnering with stakeholders in the community like Georgia Tech, SCAD, Piedmont Park and the Woodruff Arts Center


  • Established new partnership with SCAD, including hosting student gallery showings and fundraisers
  • Partnered with Piedmont Park to provide green shuttles for the 2011 Dogwood Festival
  • Helping expand awareness of events, showings and concerts at Woodruff Arts Center, High Museum and Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
  • Partnering with Center for Puppetry Arts to promote shows and events


  • Georgia Tech football season kickoff with the Yellow Jacket Marching Band in Central Park (August 27)
  • “College Night” – with student discounts and entertainment – coming this fall
  • Continuing the Atlantic Station “Road Show” presentations, inviting local community groups to join our transformation

9. Reprogram public spaces – We saw a need to re-imagine the open spaces at Atlantic Station to make them more welcoming, appealing and fun


  • Food Truck Fridays – weekly lunch and dinner event based on national trend
  • Hosted two finalists from Food Network’s “Great Food Truck Race”
  • ½ Street Artists Market (monthly open-air market)
  • Movies in Central Park (weekly outdoor movie series)
  • Friday Night Live (weekend local music concerts in Central Park)
  • Street performers (music, magicians and artists from around Atlanta)
  • Great American Campout with REI (partnership to promote the outdoors)
  • Wi-Fi access across the center
  • State-of-the-art Bose ambient music system with 112 speakers
  • Outdoor dining/café tables
  • Scooter & motorcycle parking
  • New landscaping, plants & flowers


  • Atlanta Bar-B-B-Q Festival (returns in October)
  • Whiskey Barrel (fall Scotch festival)
  • Atlanta Track Club Sunday Marathons
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • New, expanded Holiday Festival (coming in November)

10. Introduce non-traditional uses – We realized that Atlantic Station had an opportunity to offer unique uses to attract positive energy to the center, such as classroom space,

  • TV and film studios


  • Creative Loafing at Atlantic Station
  • SCAD Student Art Showings


  • Atlantic Station Market Hall (coming soon!)
  • Weekly Improv in Central Park

“Atlantic Station’s improvements are already making an impact,” said Mark Toro, Managing Partner of North American Properties, which took over leasing, management and ownership of the center in January. “Since adding new experiences and amenities, guest traffic has increased and retail sales have begun to improve.” Tom Miles, General Manager for Atlantic Station, reports: “Eighty percent of our retailers are reporting double-digit increases in sales over the first six months of 2011, close to triple the national average. A number of our apparel retailers are up more than 30 percent.”

“The ‘Progress Report’ announced today is meant to show our neighbors that we heard them, and how we’re doing on our promises to remake the center,” Toro said. “We’ve made progress, but we’re just getting started. And I invite our neighbors to keep telling us how we can make Atlantic Station what we’ve wanted it to be since Day One, ‘THE center for Midtown Atlanta.’”


Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

46 Responses

  1. Thanks for posting. An interesting read. I know there’s lots of patting themselves on the back, but I do believe these changes are for the better. Interesting that they’re so nonchalant about Pinkberry. While there’s a ton of yogurt places around Atlanta, Pinkberry seems to have a following. I think having the midtown Pinkberry in AS is a big win.

  2. Very well done, Mr Toro! All my best wishes for you. I live on the westside and am very happy to hear of the changes.

  3. “Great American Campout with REI (partnership to promote the outdoors)”

    Kind of makes me wonder if REI is coming to AS.

  4. ‘non-productive activity’

    So, if you’re not buying something at all times, the rent-a-cops will chase you out of the area.

  5. They took 3 “wins”, Yard House, Creative Loafing, Pinkberry and spread them thin over 10 points. I think we can all applaud the addition of mimes and jugglers. WIN!

  6. What is/was wrong with Fox Sport Grille? It is a win for me. Seemed popular with businessmen during the day/after work and typical sports fans otherwise. Great for big groups, too.

  7. Thanks for sharing this progress report. Impressive so far.

    Any updates on the status of efforts to expand Atlantic Station shuttle service to the Westside? Maybe some pick-up points at GA Tech, Kool Korner, Howell Mill/White Provision and/or Marietta Street?

  8. No fees for parking. No fees for parking. No fees for parking.

    If I am going to spend cash at your shops, I want free parking. I will never, never visit until that happens.

  9. I live in the Old Fourth Ward. My most common activity areas are, in descending order, Little Five Points, Poncey Highland, Emory Village, East Atlanta, Downtown, Midtown. I go to Atlantic Station occasionally when I need something there, but it’s not a regular destination for me.

    As I was reading through this list, I found myself thinking several times, “That’s something I’d enjoy checking out.” Based on their several mentions of social medial, I “Liked” them on Facebook (at least temporarily) to get a sense of what’s going on there.

    Well done, Atlantic Station.

    (And I really hope the REI event is a precursor to an REI store.)

  10. “And I really hope the REI event is a precursor to an REI store”
    …but thugs don’t like REI, what can they do in a store like that?

  11. I was actually impressed with the plan. As a gay man i really like Drew Lewis and would totally go there to shop now. i’m not a fan of the parking situation at their metropolis location. i would also try Yard House. i would love to see a Taqueria Del Sol and a J Crew open at Atlantic Station too.

  12. An REI store would be a great addition. Plenty of empty space next to Dillard’s to build a new store.

    Also heard a rumor Dillard’s might be replaced by Nordstrom. Not holding my breath but it is a prime spot for one (highway frontage is always a plus).

  13. Unitl you clean this place up and make it interesting most of us have little interest. it is frequently discussed only in negative terms. I go over there for west elm or h&m on occassion but i can shop at other malls for everything else and with much less hassle and without police everywhere everytime i go. we won’t go to the theatre because it is most often aggressive rude teenagers who are behaving horribly, we do not eat there and the few clients i have sold a condo to there are angry at me now because they had hoped for the lifestyle promised and found a reality very different. I will not let my kids hang out to shop there as we do not feel it is safe for them. I have been there twice when gun shots erupted.

    i do wish the best for this property. it has immense potential and intown atlanta needs another great place to go and meander, socialize and enjoy. take a closer look at white provision at howell mill. they took a rough area and made it magic and have kept it interesting and busy with eclectic people who enjoy thier time there and stay longer so spend more. also, ALL of the restaurants there – thumbs down. you are not appealing to the money or the market who go to festivals, museums, woodruff arts center, etc. rethink your market.

    also, i prefer not to pay for parking so i can patronize your shops. not cool. no one else is doing this either. i can park and spend lots of money shopping for free anywhere.

    best of luck! i do enjoy seeing that changes are being considered.

  14. I like the direction AS is taking here. They still have a ways to go(In my opinion drop free ride…it costs my HOA alone 70k annually I’ve been told…can you imagine how much the annual costs are for this “free” ride that brings nothing to AS), but they are on the right path.

  15. @Chris F.

    Fox Sports Grill attracted a volatile, intimidating ghetto crowd – redundant – and was one of the primary purveyors of the hood atmosphere that has plagued Atlantic Station since its debut.

    The whole report is essentially a semantic exercise avoiding the actual words “We’re really trying to get rid of the ghetto garbage.” “Close the nightclubs” and “associated behaviors” are euphemisms for “we understand our civilized patrons may have been terrified by the ghetto atmosphere. We’re trying to get rid of every element that attracts that.”

    It’s about time.

    Pinkberry is a good start (more suburban than ghetto fabulous). REI would be like ghetto kryptonite. A bakery would also be a great addition as long as they don’t sell cherry cigar ells and Orange Fanta.

  16. I want to hear about future construction. Phase 2 of Atlantic Station never materialized and the gaping holes where buildings should be are kinda depressing. Most notably across the street from Lobby and next to where Pier 1 used to be (where the volleyball tournaments take place now).

    But what about the left side of 17th street? The Atlantic is the only building there.

    And the area behind the cinema (Where Cirque de Soleil parks their tents).

    Yeah yeah, I know it’s going to take time to ramp up. You have to walk before you run, but are there any thoughts at all? And PLEASE don’t make say a 2 story building… The streets of Buckhead… Errr Buckhead Atlanta used that approach and I’m still ticked off at those jerks.

  17. Yeah…until I see a free parking update there will still be a barrier from AS becoming what it should be. A nice hassle free place to shop in an urban environment. Some places you expect to pay for parking – like downtown. But for a mall not located in downtown to force you to pay for parking or buy something to waive the parking fee is still ridiculous.

  18. Yo foilks…parking is still free. Don’t complain about having to pay for parking…it just shows that you never go to AS.

  19. @ Free Ride

    They’re not legally allowed to drop the free shuttle. To build the 17th Street bridge AS was required to provide a transit service across it that matches the headway of local MARTA trains. The free shuttle will be around for quite a while still.

  20. @ RobbieH – Yes, and that’s a good thing.

    @ ChrisF – Do you want that list alphabetically?

    @ Dude – I think that has been part of the plan all along – buy something and get your parking validated.

    @ Beachtoes – typical real estate broker…head in the sand, with no real knowledge about what’s actually going on.

  21. “REI would be like ghetto kryptonite”
    I love that! The bling would melt off their ears, their grillz would dissolve, the FUBU jackets would burst into flames and the pitts would scatter.

  22. While we do applaud the new Atlantic Station team for making some changes in the new retail mix, the Press Release reads like a “Progress Report” a child would receive from 1st Grade… All thumbs-ups, smile faces, and “at-a-boys.”

    Perhaps as a journalist, Caleb, you should separate yourself from someone who just reposts the positive PR Image of Atlantic Station and dive into things a little more than just believing what they tell you.

    For example, Both Drew Lewis and YardHouse have a lease that is 100% based on them paying utilities and a percentage of sales… there is no “fixed rent”. In fact, Drew Lewis can terminate and leave in 12 months if they do not like the “evolution” of Atlantic Station. Atlantic Station and NAP can dispute this or say that this is not the case. Perhaps reach out to Drew Lewis and find out all the details and facts (why else would they open a “second” location about a mile away).

    The real “evolution” will come in 2 – 3 years after NAP tries to further expand or continue to evolve and they realize that they need more money coming in than just a percentage of sales as rent (what is going to happen in January/February when another Snowmagedon comes through town)… paying Mr. Toro’s daughter’s salary to send out emails with grammar mistakes and other errors is going to be harder and harder to justify.

    If I were a tenant of Atlantic Station (i.e. – Tin Drum and Atlantic Grill–two of the most vocal), I would demand a percentage based lease as well.

    Come on Caleb… show that you are a JOURNALIST and not a GOSSIP REPORTER!

  23. @ Truth – I, personally, could care less about the details of the lease. I know some people probably do, but I’m just glad to see CL & Drew Lewis changing the composition of the development. If they’re paying percentage rent, if the lease is NNN or Gross, or if they pay in monopoly bucks, is kind of immaterial at this point.

    I’m fairly certain that those lease terms were agreed upon, because Toro & Team want to make that transformation from old to new as soon as possible, where they can. Yardhouse will likely dump a bunch of money into their space to add taps, tv wall mounts, and to complete the R&D of what I’m sure will be a menu that isn’t full of burgers and pasta. Drew Lewis will pay for some of it’s fit out as well. 12 months from now, if Toro & Team are successful in their transformation of the center (which one can assume means that DL & YH are making money), they’ll get to re-negotiate the leases towards something more favorable to themselves.

    I’m pretty sure that if another “snowmageddon” comes to town, and the city gets shut down for a whopping 3 days, they’ll survive.

    If you were a tenant of AS, and I was the owner of AS, and you had an existing lease that specified the manner in which you pay rent, taxes, utilities, etc., and you came to me to “demand a percentage based lease as well”, then I’d tell you to go read your contract and stop wasting my time.

    I, for one, think this site is very useful in getting the headline information about what’s going on in this city. I don’t care what cost per btu Blais is paying at his new space, I just care that he’s opening a new space, etc.

  24. Ack! I agree with Urbanist on both his posts. Especially the one regarding Beach Toes. I wish I knew who she was because I would stay FAR FAR away from her when the time comes that I need an agent. She’s like the real estate agent that was showing my parent’s house to potential buyers and said loudly, “wow, your real estate taxes are high.” No one ever claimed real estate agents were smart!

  25. I think the new ownership is doing a good job so far. They added froyo and they are addressing Fox Sports Grill.

    I’m not sure what to think of Yard House yet. I’m still waiting for a big local restaurant announcement.

  26. Ok, so this is just a big campaign to get rid of “the element”. So where are they going to descend on next? They have to go somewhere. Then we will be doing this all over again.

    “Ghetto Kryptonite” That’s awesome. I want that on a t-shirt.

  27. RE: Fox Sports Grille

    Ah, I see. I don’t have an issue with black people, even large black males, even groups of large black males. C’mon, it’s freaking Atlanta. We really want Atlantic Station to be a segregated place? No young black people allowed?

  28. @ Chris – Way to go dip…you’re now going to turn the conversation on it’s head because you couldn’t leave the racial commentary alone. I guess it should have been expected from the guy who questions “what’s wrong with Fox Grill”…

  29. @Chris

    That’s the defining question.

    My initial guess would be the humming Westside. But since there are no frozen daiquiri establishments or decent parking nearby, there may be another area poised for victimization.

    Their takeover of Lindbergh is not yet complete so that could be poised for further thrashing. There are several convenience stores nearby there so there is also a steady supply of do rags, blunt-ready cigarillos, Orange Fanta and “ceyul fon” accessories. Add that to the MARTA line and Lindbergh is essentially doomed. There has to be a sacrificial lamb and Lindbergh might be a necessary casualty/pawn if AS is to survive. If I owned property near Lindbergh, though, I’d sell ASAP.

    @Chris F.

    To answer both of your questions, yes and no. Do we want AS to be segregated from black people? Of course not. From ghetto garbage? Absolutely. Everything they touch turns fecal. People are currently terrified of AS because of the hood rat environment and it’s only hope of survival is driving them out. That whole report is essentially a big wink-wink saying they’re buying a big can of ghetto Raid and are poised to spray. Fingers crossed that it works.


    The fact that you admittedly know what’s wrong with Fox Sports Grill but refuse to discuss it or other related gangsta issues is a huge part of the problem with AS and Atlanta in general. Until people become honest and vocal and stop speaking in coded euphemisms, this city will never evolve into a safe, thriving, urban oasis and will remain a pool of hood puke. The time for being PC is done.

  30. Obviously they need to market the new stores and FREE PARKING. Also get rid of LA Fitness. Guys in “Stop Snitching” t-shirts … oooops, did I just snitch?

  31. @ Palin – you’re as dimwitted as your namesake. I am more than happy to accept, admit, and discuss the situation. However, when the argument focuses on race, it draws in all of the least intellectually savvy people – come to think of it, you’ve only been around recently, haven’t you?

    Until the city officials, developers, and citizens demand the proper type of element, we’ll be plagued by narrow-minded people who think the only thing that acts as a catalyst to crime is the color of someone’s skin. Get your head out of your tail, and start thinking about how to solve the problem, instead of just thinking about where you can assign blame.

    @ Stevie – Why get rid of LA Fitness? It’s the only gym I know of on that side of town, and as far as Midtown is concerned, it’s only 1 of 2 gyms – that I’m aware of. (I don’t consider Exhale a gym, since it’s missing a lot of equipment that other gyms have). Getting rid of LA Fitness would deprive a lot of people of a good place to work out.

  32. @Urbanist

    ” you’re as dimwitted as your namesake.”

    Name calling as a retort. Seems like obfuscation to me.

    ” I am more than happy to accept, admit, and discuss the situation.”

    No, you’re not. You avoid it at all costs.

    “However, when the argument focuses on race, it draws in all of the least intellectually savvy people”

    Ah, when people want to discuss an issue, they’re too stupid so you won’t engage. Nice backdoor out of cowardice. And who’s talking about race? This is cultural, not racial.

    “Until the city officials, developers, and citizens demand the proper type of element, we’ll be plagued by narrow-minded people who think the only thing that acts as a catalyst to crime is the color of someone’s skin.”

    Again, who’s talking about race? This is the behavior of a specific, destructive cultural sect. And how does one “demand” a “proper” element? Is there a petition? You made the statement; now present a scenario where one “demands” such a thing without encroaching on your PC preciousness.

    “Get your head out of your tail, and start thinking about how to solve the problem, instead of just thinking about where you can assign blame.”

    And where are your ideas? You claim to be so enlightened and above it all but all you display is cowardice and laughable PC embarrassment. Make up your mind. Honesty would be a good first start.

  33. I’m not avoiding anything. I’m saying it now, just like I said it before, that the issue is the way in which we’ve developed, and continue to develop, our city. The problematic element exists all over the world, and is not unique to Atlanta. However, a lot of other cities that don’t have the problems Atlanta has, have learned that you can create infrastructure and real estate that mitigates the problem.

    Where I said “element”, I meant to say “development”. That should clarify what I meant.

    If you’ve read anything else I’ve written on here, you’ll see a few if y ideas – the densification of Atlanta, the addition of more rental housing, my suggestions for fixing our transportation related issues, etc.

  34. An REI at Atlantic Station would be incredible. Please let that be true! There’s one in downtown Seattle that I could walk to when I lived there. I miss that. Driving way up I85 to get to the one here in Atlanta is a drag.

    Also, I just visited Atlantic Station for the first time in a long while during the Feast Noir last Sunday. I was initially bummed out when I heard it was going to be located there, but I have to admit, it turned out to be a great event. Thanks for letting that happen there! I take that as a sign that AS is trying to integrate itself with the city a lot more than it has in the past.

    Now, if you guys could just get a satellite location of the Brickstore, Marlay, or The Porter, and I’d be there weekly!

  35. Funny stuff Urbanist. I think the Sarah Palin Bachman Numbskull pretty much said it all about you.

    Just curious from this post and others I have seen you on, who appointed you as the City of Atlanta race relations and city planning expert. The only expertise I see from you is erroneous presumptions and inciteful name calling. You offer no real solutions but are very quick to tell everyone else how stupid or racist they are. And yes, I have seen you use this tactic on many posts, not just here. I have also seen many people call you out on it, such as the guy you kept calling a stupid suburbanite in regards to transportation when he in fact lived in town and had to commute to the burbs – quit talking and try listening

    As far as your fantastic observations of my being an unskilled untalented real estate agent with my head in the sand, I actually have a law degree and am now working on my doctorate and was able to work in real estate for many years to support myself through school so as not to acquire burdensome debt. My head is far from in any sand. My suggestion – pull yours out of your ass.

    Oh, and my favorite part. I am black woman. And guess what, I don’t go to Atlantic Station because I do not want to be around , as you referred to, that element. Thugs namely. The only person who said anything racist on here is you. As a woman of color, and as a highly educated person, I think it is time to quit being so PC as Numbskull said. It is time to be honest and the honest truth is Atlanta is a beautiful city with many great people who are diverse and hard working and care greatly about the future and direction of our neighborhoods, transit, political and social policies and the quality of the children we educate. We come from many backgrounds and have varied interest and futures in life but have a common goal – to see Atlanta be great. If that means getting honest finally about the crime, who is committing it and why it is a problem, let’s get honest about it. I am a product of the city’s school system and I KNOW that opportunity abounds here, if you apply yourself. The hood thugs running around AS do not have any of these concerns in mind, do not care if this is a great city and are self absorbed idiots who create havoc and I do not want to be around them or have my kids around them. It is not a color issue, no one has said it was but you implied they all mean this, it is a quality issue. So until the time AS cleans up, I have no interest and will go down the road to Howell Mill, that is far more interesting even though it is right next to the hood but functioning and managing beautifully.

    Further urbanist, i am quite proficient in reading, comprehending and negotiating all types of contracts, commercial and private leases and real estate transactions. The clients who bought in AS are all very prominent clients, who purchased units as second or third homes and spent well over 400k in each case for a home for use during travel. They paid top dollar when this place first opened because of what was promised by AS, a healthy, luxurious, central development that would be convenient for their very busy lives with ease to airport for frequent travel. They are top athletes and a very famous musician ( and guess what, they are black too! Exciting! And do not prefer the riff raff hanging out there all hours of the night). It is not my sales skills that are the problem , it is the failed promises of AS. So speak only of what you know about.

    Why don’t you try to keep your heinous and snide attacks out of it and let people voice their observations and reasons they are not going to AS or reasons they would like to go and leave it at that. You offer no solutions – just insults.

    Lastly, this AS report offers no solutions that are viable and it repetitive at best. So you brought Creative Loafing and PinkBerry, none of which I will leave my area, who has a 4 yogurt shops already, for, and I live only a few miles from you. So what else? As far as the free parking debate, interesting since I have paid for parking there plenty of times if I stayed any length. Anyway, I do not prefer to think about parking. I can go to a better mall and park for free.

    Quit thinking like a mall. Think outside of that box. Think Intown Atlanta.

    To everyone else, sorry for rant, Just cannot stand what this guy does on posts, he was rather tame on this one.

    We would all still love to see the area thrive and excel. The infrastructure is there, the location is there, the vibe is not. As stated before in my original post, good luck with it all. I hope you make it happen. It is only a bonus to Atlanta and to us who live intown if you do. Please try to keep it focused on intown Altanta’s needs and wants and remember that we have a very unique vibe here in this city, we love our diversity and are often proud of it if you live intown. I go out of my way to go eat Indian, Vietnamese, and other great foods. Bring us culture. We support that in all city growth. So while you are growing and changing , keep this in mind in a modern and exciting way, not the same old tired and failed ways.

  36. Urbanist, AS is a great location for a gym and it is the most convenient one for me. I rarely go to that LA Fitness because of the clienetelle. I’m thinking it could become a great local gym like Urban Body which has won Best of Atlanta. Tim Mullins also opened some high quality gyms in the city. The new mall owners could talk to LA Fitness about getting some new mangement in that location so it’s cleaner, weights get put away and generally feels less like hip hop night club.

  37. … and another thing, how about an upscale design/hardware store or something like a Restoration Hardware. We have a lot of old homes in the area that need fixin’. Also, how about a local store that sells quality bikes and scooters and does minor repairs.

  38. The biggest security problem is the HOTEL and the restaurant, “Lobby” across from The Atlantic. Caters to pimps and drug dealers LITERALLY. Needs to be taken over by a reputable high end chain that won’t let cash carrying thugs use it for drug deals and partying with hookers. Nice job otherwise Mr. Toro.

  39. Thanks to all who’ve commented on this and the many other posts about the evolution of Atlantic Station. It has been a great joy to work in a community that cares enough to take the time to share their perspective. We are making great strides toward making The Atlantic Station Experience one that all Intowners will share and enjoy. Your support and encouragement is much appreciated.

  40. I hate the south. Its full of closed minded individuals looking to preserve an aesthetic that never existed. Atlanta is the birthplace of civil rights & Dr. Martin Luther King considered the “city to busy to hate” during a time when the entire south was hating. If the almighty white folks that are looking to redefine Atlanta don’t understand that than Its a shame. People all over the world look at Atlanta as a small town with big town ambition but the city that was “too busy to hate” has turned into the city that is “too busy to love what its history is” and white and black have lost the true history and meaning of what this city stands on top of. Too bad the black politicians are too intimidated to take control of what has traditionally been a black city with great features before the whiting effect began. Was atlanta perfect before all the development?no. Its fitting that the film industry is so interested in this city because in 10 years thats all atlanta will be is a back lot. With no soul or history… keep up the good work for the sake of “development”

  41. When will people get over the supposed “race” issues. It’s not about race, dag nabbit! It’s about CONDUCT. If conduct at A-Station, Lindberg, or anywhere else is thugish and repelling, those places will fail.

    Enough w/calling it racists to criticize the CONDUCT of people, regardless of color.

  42. I’m a bit late to this blog post but they should have specifically mentioned the playing of country music over the property’s sound system. I was at AS last weekend and I have to say their changes are successful and are thus far transforming AS.

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