Harold's Chicken and Ice Bar coming to Atlanta June 25

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Harold's Chicken and Ice Bar coming to Atlanta June 25

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Chicago-based chicken joint to open in the Old Fourth Ward.

The Old Fourth Ward neighborhood is getting a new chicken joint.

Chicago-based Harold's Chicken & Ice Bar will open its first Atlanta location next to Noni's, at 349 Edgewood Avenue, June 25.

"[Harold's] will be home to one of the best fried chicken spots known in the midwest," Walter Jordan Jr., a consultant for the chicken restaurant, told What Now Atlanta in an email Thursday.

Owners Tarryn Rutherford and Bobbie Vinegar are natives of Chicago.

Harold's worked with Atlanta-based The Dogwood Restaurant Consultant Group on this project.


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28 responses to “Harold's Chicken and Ice Bar coming to Atlanta June 25

  1. Atlantaneeds a Bloomberg-esque leader to crack down on fried food, smoking, brewpubs, and burger joints. This city could stand to lose a few lbs...

  2. WTF... another chicken joint. There goes the neighborhood, again! I guess the "peeps" are dancing a jig on this announcement.

  3. "This city could stand to lose a few lbs…"

    If you would leave like you promised, that would remove about 50 pounds from the city in head weight alone.

  4. I wonder if the cashiers will be protected behind bullet-proof glass like the Harold's I've been to in Chicago. Ah, I miss Chicago. P.s. the chicken really isn't all that.

  5. I think this would be a great addition to the choices in the city. I'm a native southerner and have traveled to Chicago several times, and absolutely fell for Harold's Chicken. Can't wait to try it.

  6. Great chicken place however this isn't the first time Harold's was in Atlanta the first was on fair street in the Atlanta University Center it burned down in like 2005.

  7. @Urbanist

    Really, because Atlanta ranks healthier than New York, Charlotte, Chicago, Nashville, Los Angeles and only Richmond and Raleigh ranks higher in the southeast (21st in the country). But I forgot you like to just spew s#%t from your mouth instead of actually doing the research to understand what the F*$k you are talking about. This entire country has an obesity problem, but singling out a city that ranks higher than all but 20 cities, because you have sand in your vagina further demonstrates your stupidity.

  8. @ BC - No, the Atlanta MSA ranks higher than all those other MSA's, but the Atlanta MSA isn't what we're talking about. We're talking about the "city" of Atlanta, not the MSA. So, if you want to distort facts to take into consideration people that live upwards of 30 miles outside of the city, go ahead, but it's not applicable.

    As BC demonstrates, this city could stand to gain a few cranial lbs, and lose a few visceral ones...

  9. Yeah, but what's an ice bar? It's probably not the kind of "ice bar" that people build out of actual ice in the winter, in places that actually *have* winter.

  10. They dont compile the lists based on city population vs msa for health. If they did that too many cities would be left off the list because the city populations wouldnt make the cut off point. There is only one list that does that (Forbes) and even they ranked Atlanta as 18th still better than all of the other cities previously mentioned. Keep trying to be a pessimistic loser whose life is so miserable that even after you move away from here you still devote your spare time talking s%&t about it (just like I said you would. Before you try accusing someone of distorting facts you should trying using some yourself first.

  11. Answer to the ice bar question per Harolds twitter. Google's your friend.

    a beautiful bar that keeps every glass on top cold. It has tubes inside that I can turn on. It is an incredible look

  12. Thanks, Sara. But it's OK to either say nothing or just give the information without trying to score internet points by being needlessly snarky toward a complete stranger.

  13. Urbanist "June 18, 2012 at 9:59 am) Wrote:

    "...this city could stand to gain a few cranial lbs, and lose a few visceral ones…"

    Do you lose your "visceral lbs" by walking around the mall? You should give mall tours/weight loss walks. You could make some money.

    ANNNNND... you could use that money to leave this town, as you previously promised you would.

  14. After taking the Streetcar Walking tour this Saturday, I saw a lot of construction going on in most of the abandoned storefronts along Edgewood, along with a few places that just opened. However, most of the new places seem to be barber shops and hair salons. A lot of them. Not really something that will cause people to go out of their way to visit. Hopefully there can be some more interesting concepts coming in the future.

    Also, has Rolling Bones BBQ shut down? It was Saturday afternoon and they were closed when they should be open.

  15. I am a native of the CITY of Chicago and vividly remember walking to Harolds near my home. In fact, each time I visit Chicago, which is about 4 times per year at least, I ALWAYS get my 6 wings with EXTRA mild sauce! YAY Harolds!!!

  16. start a contest to find the longest harold's fried chicken eater in this area that actually live here now and not just a visitor...for one i've eaten harold's for the last 50 or more yrs, depending on when they first opened in chicago....678-315-7435

  17. Wow, I can't believe that people just don't have common sense. Its a franchise for Fried chicken by I hope a Black Entrepreneur. Harold's is around the corner from my home, it has been for years. The owners used to live on my block. Now, it has been passed down to another family member and people come from all over, because they say it is "Still the Best and has the original taste for over 30 years. My cousin from Jonesboro, Arkansas was introduced to Harold's in 2010, when he came for my son's graduation. He was here 2 weeks ago for my aunt's husband funeral and he got him some Harold's again. Its a taste that people remember and enjoy, that extra special touch and freshness made "Especially for you in America."

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