French American Brasserie’s owners spending $450K on new Buckhead restaurant

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FAB owners file permit for sister concept at Ritz Carlton Residences.

The owners of Downtown’s French American Brasserie will open F and B Atlanta, an upscale French restaurant.

F and B filed a permit with City of Atlanta Wednesday for interior finishes to space that has sat vacant for two years inside the Ritz Carlton Residences, at 3630 Peactree Street.

The estimated cost of construction is $450,000.00, according to the permit.

F and B will join Tomo Japanese restaurant which relocated from its Vinings location earlier this year.

Au Pied de Cuchon, another upscale French restaurant, closed just down the street from where F and B will open, earlier this year.


Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

10 Responses

  1. As I always comment on these matters… the owners of FAB is not paying for any of this build out. Owner of the building will be reimbursing it all.

  2. The story above suggests that the space FAB will occupy is “inside the Ritz Carlton Residences”. I suspect however that it is on the ground floor of 3630 Peachtree, a mixed-use development that includes the Ritz Carlton residences on the upper floors. In other words, it will be separated from the Ritz Carlton residences by 16 floors of office space.

    That said, the map (above) showing this property south of Collier Rd. in Brookwood Hills is incorrect. 3630 Peachtree is actually north of Phipps Plaza at the intersection of Peachtree & Peachtree Dunwoody Rds.

  3. While it is also true that the developers of the building will almost certainly be footing the bill for most, if not all of the construction costs, FAB’s owners may also have some financial skin in the game as well. Unless #SB was involved in the deal and knows with certainty, it is mere speculation to state that the “Owner of the building will be reimbursing it all”.

  4. This new place must believe that the quality of food or price were to blame in the other restaurants failure. I hope they have good evidence, because it could have been lack of demand.

    This is something I have never understood about Atlanta. You’ll see a place close and then the exact same concept and idea open next door and then they close in one year.

  5. Au Pied De Cochon may have closed, but just before it closed Buckhead Life Group’s Bistro Niko opened across the street in the Sovereign Tower. Another french restaurant… Is there a high demand for two french restaurants? I will say that Au Pied De Cochon’s food and service were lacking.

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