Verde Taqueria Will Replace Fox & Hounds On Collier Road

verde taqueria to open in the shuttered fox and hounds space ~ what now, atlanta?

But The Neighborhood Doesn't Want Tacos

Fox and Hounds Pub, located at 1193 Collier road, closed early September after nearly 15 years in business (story here).

So we followed the movement at the space like white on rice and found that there couldn't have been more interest in this location.

Eric Carlton of Joel & Granot Real Estate was in charge of getting the space leased for landlord, Eric Sticker. Within two weeks of Fox & Hounds closing, Carlton leased the space to Verde Taqueria y Cantina. This will be the second Atlanta location for Verde Taqueria y Cantina, their first at 1426 Dresden drive in Brookhaven.

Carlton was forced to find a replacement quickly when Fox & Hounds closed without warning in September after renewing its lease for five years, according to an article by BisNow Atlanta. The site also adds that owner, Derek Lawford Ventures, filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in 2008.

But locals who frequented Fox & Hounds for years don't want a Taqueria. We spoke with a restaurant and hotel wine and beer consultant back on October 6 who say's she's been going to Fox & Hounds for 13 years.

"13 years ago, I got a job as a server for Fox & Hounds. There is a great banter and comradery with the neighborhood and we all rally there and have certain expectations. I believe that anything that is put in place of that is not going to do as well as what we had, a neighborhood pub."

Ironically enough, when we interviewed this ex-server (she wishes to remain anonymous) for Fox & Hounds, she said whatever does open there, it cannot be a Taqueria.

"The community will speak up. Its what we want. Somebody needs to take over with the same philosophy as Fox & Hounds."

Fox & Hounds Pub
1193 Collier Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30318