Five Guys Burgers and Fries confirmed to open at Spire in Midtown

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Don’t have a cow, but we’re getting more greasy hamburger chain joints

Five Guys Burgers and Fries is opening in Midtown.

The burger joint filed a building permit for space at the Spire condominiums located at 860 Peachtree street NE and the concierge at the condos confirms the restaurant is opening in the former sales center for Viewpoint.

Construction has began on the burger joint’s custom build out for the space.

Originally, the office of the developer reported in March that Five Guys would open at Spire in the shuttered Kuhlman boutique adjacent to Fresh to Order.

And although Atlanta has seen an influx of burger restaurant openings with several others on the way, Five Guys has an opportunity to fill a void, opening near the shuttered Evos restaurant.

Located at Viewpoint across the street, Evos, the healthy burger alternative, closed on October 28.

Five Guys is also opening alongside 5 Napkin Burger (one napkin per guy?), which is taking the Nickiemoto’s space down the street, scheduled to open in February.

Are we the only ones, or are you starting to feel sick from this Mad Cow Disease that’s overtaking Atlanta?

Photo credit: D. James | Darren J. Ryan

Five Guys Burgers and Fries
860 Peachtree St. NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30308

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  1. It’s nice that something is opening in the Spire building, but Atlanta does not need more: sour frozen yogurt, pizza, hamburger, cupcake, or so-so sushi joints.

  2. The answer to your question is evidently “no”. People claim to be sick of the burger craze, but if they’re so sick of it, why are these burger places always busy. Flip is ridiculously busy every time I go or drive by. Farm Burger is always packed, Yeah Burger does well. Most of the 5 Guys I’ve been to always have a crowd. Whether an individual is personally sick of burgers, or as AC indicates, yogurt, pizza, cupcakes, or so so sushi, doesn’t mean the rest of Atlanta is. Clearly these places will fail or succeed based on whether people want to eat at their establishments. As long people are spending their money at these establishments, the “craze” won’t end. When people don’t want to eat there anymore, then the “craze” will end.

  3. Sweet! Finally something that will survive in this section of Midtown! Other than The Vortex, there is no other burger option in this part of Midtown. I’m glad to see a brand that I recognize opening up here. Hopefully the rumored Pinkberry will also be opening in Spire sometime soon.

  4. I think it will do well because it is fast, casual, and not expensive. I’m not a huge fan of chains, but if I had to pick ONE for Midtown, I would like to see a Chipotle open in one of the retail spaces of Viewpoint. The more places I can walk to the better! And yes, I would like to see some type of frozen yogurt place open in Midtown that you can WALK to. I’m tired of having to get in my car for frozen yogurt.

    Also, I saw a job posting for Evos (it was for 2 locations and one of them is Midtown) on Craigslist… is it re-opening under new management???

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