Buckhead Village To Get Membership-Based Dog Park Bar ‘Fetch Park’

Expect the new 'BARk' to debut winter 2021 in the former The Shops Buckhead Atlanta development around the time an outpost also opens in Alpharetta.

Fetch Park, Georgia’s “first” off-leash dog park bar, has announced plans for what will be its third location even ahead of opening its second — which is planned in Alpharetta. The Old Fourth Ward-based dog park and bar combo is slated for a winter 2021 arrival in Buckhead Village, according to a press release Tuesday. Buckhead Village used to be The Shops Buckhead Atlanta up until Jamestown acquired the property and rebranded it. The opening will happen around the same time as the new Alpharetta location, featuring a full-service bar and green space for people and pets to “Unleash and Unwind ®.”

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The Buckhead Village Fetch will be similar in look and feel to its flagship location in Old Fourth Ward and feature greenspace covered in durable, mud-free field turf, cooling stations, and a bath area, shaded seating, WiFi throughout, and multiple “Ultra Bright Outdoor Televisions.”

The crown jewel of the “BARk” will be a vintage Airstream equipped with a selection of beer, wine, and spirits, as well as a complete coffee bar filled with exclusive blends. A nod to founder Stephen Ochs’ baseball past, the design of the park will mimic the original location and resemble an old school minor league baseball field with murals, concessions at the airstream, fences enclosing the space, and illuminated signage. Fetch Park will employ attendants, called “Bark Rangers,” to ensure the safety of all dogs and guests and maintain the grounds.

“We have listened to our park guests’ overwhelming desire to bring more locations to the Atlanta area,” Ochs, who launched the concept in 2018, said in the release. “Partnering with Jamestown lets us make Fetch happen in Buckhead in the best way possible for the many dogs and humans who love the Fetch Park experience but want it closer to home.”

Fetch is free for humans to enter and enjoy, with a membership system available for dogs. Entrance to the park for pups ranges from a daily $10 option to monthly and annual membership options with a similar pricing structure to the Old Fourth Ward location. Members will be able to enjoy all Fetch locations under their membership dues. All dogs are required to have up-to-date vaccinations on file and be spayed or neutered to enter the property.

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

7 Responses

  1. Went for the first time a few weekends ago and definitely a great concept. Will be huge anywhere its put

    1. It’s definitely a great concept, but how good are they at keeping pee and poop smells from being a problem?

      1. I dont know what kind of astroturf or chemical they used to keep the pee smell away but its works. You have to pick up after your dog (of course) and they have a dumping area off to the side that has a fan blowing any smells away. Dont think i smelled anything bad besides at the actual trashcans

        1. I’ve used a natural enzyme in my yard to keep those sorts of odors down.
          Not cheap, but works really well.
          I thought maybe they would have a pooper scooper crew though.

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