Exclusive: HD1 to reopen as FLIP Burger Boutique

Gourmet hot dog joint to reopen as FLIP Burger Boutique this fall.

Gourmet hot dog joint to get ‘flipped’ to burger concept this fall.

UPDATE (Nov. 25, 2013): Flip Burger Poncey-Highland now open

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HD1 Restaurant will close after dinner service Sunday, August 18 with plans to reopen as a FLIP Burger Boutique, the restaurant shared with What Now Atlanta (WNA) Friday.

“We are fully committed to growing the FLIP brand and expanding our strong reputation for innovative food in a high energy and fun environment, Barry Mills, co-owner, said in the release.

“Moving forward, FLIP Burger Boutique will be our primary focus.”

The Poncey-Highland restaurant, at 644 N. Highland Avenue, will be FLIP’s fourth location. The company will convert HD1 to a FLIP burger over the next eight to ten weeks, a spokeswoman told WNA.

Once complete, FLIP will feature a rooftop patio with open air dining and outdoor service options — an upgrade that was originally slated to open at HD1 this past spring.

“It’s an exciting period of growth for FLIP and the demand for gourmet burgers is at an all time high,” Richard Blais, FLIP’s chef, said in a statement.

“At the Poncey-Highland location we will infuse our signature burgers, shakes and sides to the menu while paying homage to the best-of-the-best in HD1 hot dogs.”

The restaurant’s “neighborhood bar program” will feel very much the same, and valet parking will be added.

[Editor’s note: HD1 originally replaced San Francisco Coffee when it relocated two doors down.]

Rendering courtesy of FLIP.


Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

6 Responses

  1. I’m hope they ditch the dark atmosphere and crappy counter service. Has anyone ever had a comfortable, fun experience at HD1? Between the wooden prison benches and the wobbley high top tables — chili hot dog sous vomit.

  2. If y’all are closed then why are you being shown on tv on 8/30/2018. My husband and I were going to go there to check out your hot dogs, but internet says you are closed and are now some burger joint. And that was in 2013!!!! Are you or are you not hot dog place still?

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