esporta athletic club fails in midtown and closes

esporta athletic club reopens as la fitness ~ what now, atlanta?
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Now Operating As LA Fitness. Again.

Esporta Athletic Club, an affiliate of LA Fitness, has ceased operation at 75 Fifth Street in midtown.

Esporta originally opened this past February (story here) replacing what was a standard LA Fitness health club. The original LA Fitness closed back in June 2009 when the parking deck patrons utilized for the club collapsed.

An athletic club concept from overseas, Esporta opened in Atlanta as a test market only providing confusion and dissatisfaction for LA Fitness patrons.

Unable to capture the “signature club” members LA Fitness was hoping to gain, they pulled the plug on the Esporta concept and re-branded themselves as LA Fitness.

So what does this mean if you are an Esporta or LA Fitness patron? Well, nothing has changed but the price point and the marquee for the better.

From what we understand, LA Fitness members are invited to use the space as it was before its closure last year while still enjoying the upgrades (without the Esporta prices): signature club status, towel service, exercise machines equipped with LCD screens and a renovated locker room.

Are you a member? Tell us your dirt below. What hell has LA Fitness in midtown put you through during this process?

Expect additional details as the story unfolds.

LA Fitness
75 Fifth Street, NW, Suite E
Atlanta, GA 30308

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

4 Responses

  1. Esporta deserved to fail. I had to cancel LA Fitness when the parking deck collapsed (because I don’t have a car at work to go to another location). When Esporta opened there, they offered matching rates to those who worked out there, as long as they hadn’t canceled membership. But since I had, it was as if I hadn’t even been with LA Fitness for the last 8 years. My best offer was $50/month plus $100 start-up fee.
    I kept getting emails to come back to LA Fitness at a special rate, but the online sign-up wouldn’t apply to that location (because of the upgrades). But I went in last week and got a $29.99 deal with no start-up fee. I’m not sure they will allow those from other gyms, though–the guy who signed me up said they would not. In fact, with my rate, they said I could ONLY go to that location.

  2. I never cancelled my membership, just moved over to Atlantic Station LA fitness which I hated! Esporta was soooooooooo nice. I loved the complimentary towels (in the locker room), the new equipment, the cleanliness. Now it’s just a run of the mill LA fitness again, which sucks :-(. Ah well.

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