East Atlanta Barbell Club To Open In Former Brother Moto Space

Barbell-centric fitness facility for all will open in early May.

Georgia power lifting champion Lis Saunders along with owner of Henry and June, Jim Chambers are working on a new barbell-centric strength training facility, East Atlanta Barbell Club.

The concept will be located at 530 Flat Shoals Avenue SE, in the former space of Brother Moto.

Saunders will bring her elite power lifting skills, business acumen, and coaching skills to the table, and Chambers will assist with branding and startup capital.

Whether you're a seasoned weight lifter, a beginner, or just someone who is looking to get generally fit, the fitness club will be everything but your average gym or fitness club, beginning with the price tag - Chambers told What Now Atlanta Saturday that all memberships will be under $75 per month.

He is trying to out-think the CrossFit trend, and thinks that not much emphasis is placed on weight-lifting in the program, or the safety aspect of it.

East Atlanta Barbell Club will be inspired by the 1950's and 60's, the era in which weight lifting first reached the masses with programs like Bill Starr's 5 x 5. Particularly, Chambers wants to bring back the simplicity of the program and the affordability factor: "People were paying a nickel to learn weight lifting moves and be a part of a community."

One-on-one classes will be offered for those not very familiar with weight lifting.

"We aren't opening East Atlanta Barbell Club with the intention of making a bunch of money and opening other locations." The operation comes out of a desire to teach weight lifting safely and intelligently, and create a nurturing environment where all will feel comfortable, even those who don't fit the traditional jock mold.

Chambers plans to begin hosting a program out of the facility in partnership with Lift With Passion, an organization headed by his friend who is a physical therapist. The program will be geared at young women, possibly high school students.

East Atlanta Barbell Club is slated to open in Early May.

East Atlanta Barbell Club

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