earl's steak and eggs forced out before opening

steak and eggs forced out of space on edgewood just weeks into construction ~ what now, atlanta?

The Three Stooges And Their Hot Dog Stand.

A truck driver, his mother, his flight attendant girlfriend and their hot dog stand does not qualified restaurant experience make.

An equation for failure, the unnamed truck driver and flight attendant girlfriend team decided they would take their hot dog stand venture on Memorial drive and open a restaurant at 343 Edgewood avenue downtown.

After investing nearly eight thousand dollars into altering space that was suppose to open as Earl's Steak and Eggs, the unnamed tenant, said truck driver, was given the boot just weeks into construction.

The tenant was forced out of their lease due to lack of restaurant experience, according to Michael Syphoe, property manager at the leased space.

Said Syphoe, "I had to pull the plug."

In addition to blatantly being under qualified for operating a restaurant, Syphoe suggests that they lacked the necessary knowledge to filing building permits and applying for licenses through the city.

The biggest red flag was when the unnamed tenant hinted that his mother would run the operation as he continued driving and his girlfriend flight attending.

The couple was refunded their deposit and repaid for improvements to the space even though the new hardwood flooring they added was both "tacky" and poorly installed according to Syphoe. "The newly installed counter was not a first class job and the orange painted walls are unwanted."

Syphoe says parties interested in renting should expect a new awning, roof and facade within the next three weeks. And hopefully newly painted walls.

For interested tenants, contact Michael Syphoe: 404.499.4811

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