Drew Lewis Boutique to open Atlantic Station shop

Drew Lewis Boutique ~ what now atlanta
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Photo courtesy of Atlantic Station

Clothing store to replace White House Black Market in Midtown.

Drew Lewis is opening another Midtown location– the first is inside the Metropolis building on Peachtree Street.

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Drew Lewis will replace the now shuttered White House Black Market at Atlantic Station, according to a spokeswoman at the Midtown development.

A sign posted on the space’s entrance announces the boutique is opening. When the clothing retailer will open its Atlantic Station location has not been confirmed.

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

10 Responses

  1. Thats it? Thats their exciting new use? The empty store from Metropolis where they over charge for things you can get in a department store for half the price?

  2. This is good & bad. It’s good, because it’ll help draw a better, more affluent crowd, into AS. It’s bad because Drew Lewis is a poor excuse for a boutique. The midtown store’s stock is concentrated on maybe 3-4 brands, 2 of which are mediocre at best.

    I’m a little surprised they’re doing well enough to open another store, as every time I’ve been in their store it’s (i) been empty, and (ii) I cant find anything I couldn’t find elsewhere. Just my opinion, but I thought the whole idea of boutique shopping was to find something that you couldn’t find everywhere else.

    Off topic: I love the simple arithmetic required to post now. That might wipe out a large number of the opinions on here, but it would be for the better.

  3. I think this is a great addition. The more local places, the better! I wish them luck.

    BTW – For those of you keeping score at home, Urbanist is not only an expert in urban design, commercial real estate, residential real estate, transit, night clubs, and restaurants, but also…fashion!

  4. I too am a little surprised they’re opening a second shop, and not too far from their current one. I like the direction AS is heading, though.

  5. Is that a “Local” company.

    And, the gays don’t shop at the one in Metropolis… They’re certainly not going to A.S.

    They never have any sizes and talk about OVER PRICED..

    I’d rather buy a ticket, fly to New York and by my $8 Marc Jacobs flip flops in the village.

    and, if they’re opening a location in A.S. that can only mean that the midtown will be closing.

    It makes sense… as the Midtown location is twice the size of the A.S. location. and just what A.S. needs, another Bannana Republic, Gap, Guess, (let’s replace American Eagle) – two doors down from J.S. Banks, mens gay(ish) clothing store.

    OH.. maybe they’re opening a clearance center at A.S., for all of their clearance items?

  6. Looks like this deal fell through. I drove through Atlantic Station tonight, and the Drew Lewis coming soon sign was gone. I thought the Drew Lewis store on Peachtree looked pretty cool, so I hate they’re not coming to AS. But it’s a good space, so maybe they will get something even better.

    Does anyone know where fab’rik’s permanent store will be? One of the articles said their current space is temporary.

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