Developer Seeks $500K Invest Atlanta Grant To Renovate Edgewood Ave Restaurant Space

Rolling Bones Barbecue operated from 2003 to 2013 in a former Gulf Gas Station building circa 1940. It has sat empty the past seven years
Developer Seeking $500K Invest Atlanta Grant To Renovate Edgewood Ave Restaurant Space
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Bohica II, LLC on Thursday will meet with Invest Atlanta to make its plea for why the organization should give the company a $500,000 grant to renovate the existing vacant restaurant space, at 377 Edgewood Ave SE, to create space for potentially two restaurants. Built in 1940, the “Art Modern-influenced” building got its start as a Gulf Gas Station.

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In recent years, the space has operated as a restaurant with an outdoor dining area located under the service canopy. Bohica II wants to use the half a million-dollar grant to increase the building’s square footage from 1,250 square feet to 4,300 square feet, including the addition of a second story with a separate entrance.

In addition to expanding the building itself, highlights of the renovation plans include “upgraded” parking, a street-side patio with a fireplace element, landscaping, new fencing, a retractable garage-style patio door, fixtures, and a full interior buildout.

Dana Armour, developer and owner of Bohica II, LLC, purchased and renovated the property with their partners in 2003, operating Rolling Bones Barbecue out of the space until 2013. “The corner has been vacant and the restaurant out of operation for seven years while the owner planned significant renovations to the property,” according to an Invest Atlanta fact sheet obtained by What Now Atlanta Friday.

Armour thinks Invest Atlanta should award the funds as the renovation project will “contribute to the revitalization of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Landmark District; achieves two of the three of City Council priorities outlined in the 2018 legislation for reopening the Eastside TAD – Economic Development and Historic Preservation; and projected creation of more than 40 jobs at full occupancy.”

Financing commitments are expected by February 2021, and less than a year later, in January 2022, Armour aims to have completed the renovation and leased the space to at least one restaurant.

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Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak (CJS) is the Founder of What Now Media Group, Inc., the publisher of What Now Atlanta, What Now Los Angeles, What Now San Diego, and What Now Las Vegas.
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1 month ago

FFS, everybody’s got their hand out.
I’d love $500K to renovate and expand my building– on someone else’s dime.
I’d actually settle for $100K!
Start a GoFundMe, it’s apparently worked really well for the Manuel’s Empire.

1 month ago

If the author of this article would explain where this $500,000 comes from that would help readers make a more informed decesion. IMO this is a lot of money, and in return the agency providing this money should get a partial ownership in the real estate.

1 month ago

UnSweet Auburn is no place to invest. I can’t even imagine the cost to insure in this neighborhood. $500K would not be enough. I’m guessing Invest Atlanta uses the taxpayer’s cookie jar?

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