Decatur’s The Square Pub Pulling The Plug After Decade of Service

Restaurant and bar's last day will be Saturday, March 7.

After nearly a decade in business, Decatur’s The Square Pub is closing its doors for good after service Saturday, March 7, Decaturish first reported earlier this week.

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The restaurant and bar’s Owner Bob Rhein confirmed the news in a post to The Square Pub’s Facebook page Wednesday.

Here’s the post in its entirety:

It is with great sadness that we have to inform you that The Square Pub will be closing as of March 7th. We delayed making this post because it was of the utmost importance to us that we personally tell everyone who helped build this establishment before we released the news on social media. Now, that time has come.

The Square Pub has never been just a bar, when we opened almost ten years ago our goal was to open a restaurant that felt like home to not only our guests but also our staff. Little did we know that our guests and staff would become our closest friends and we would begin to come together in such a way that blurred the lines between being a bar and a being a family.

Over the years we watched as each one of you wandered through that big red door for the first time without a clue of what you would leave with years later. We’ve watched you all share your hardships, and your celebrations, your exhaustion and your elation with people who had been strangers to you on that very first day. We’ve seen you find the person you’re going to marry, or get the job you’ve always wanted, or use our bar in your darkest times, and the family environment that you’ve all created, as a catalyst in changing your life in ways that used to feel entirely impossible. We’ve watched people from all walks of life gather together with only one thing in common, that they were unknowingly seeking a home.

Most importantly we would like to thank every member of our family, from years of incredible staff, to every person that calls our bar home for making this place what it has become. A place of lifelong friendships, an escape, a home, a family, and a time warp. A place where you walk in for a single beer and four hours later, you’re wondering where the time went, because you were so lost in conversation with the endless amount of people walking through the door that you never knew you would call your friends and framily. You all are the largest concentration of the most amazing, kind hearted, open minded and genuine human beings that we have ever known, and our only wish is that you all continue to find your way through life together after our close. We love you all and will forever be grateful to each one of you for all that you’ve done.

We would like to come together one last time in celebration of all that we’ve found, gained, and accomplished together. Please join us Saturday night for one last round. We’re excited to spend one last day with all of you and we ask that we all take the time to really enjoy it! We can’t wait to see everyone!

If you all would like to share a memory that you have of The Square Pub please private message our page or tag us in your posts. Over the next few days, we would like to share the stories you all have of what this bar means to you in celebration of how far we have all come.

“I think I’ll miss you most of all.”

Without you, none of this would have ever been possible!

No word on what, if anything, is queued up to open in The Square Pub’s place.


Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak