Landlord forces Copeland’s of Buckhead to close by mid-August

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Increased rent forces restaurant closure.

Copeland’s of Buckhead is closing.

Mike Bakhtavar, the restaurant’s manager, told What Now Atlanta in a telephone interview Wednesday Copeland’s will close its Buckhead location August 14.

The restaurant’s lease was up for renewal when it decided closing was inevitable.

“The landlord has doubled the rent,” Bakhtavar said. “At that price, it doesn’t make sense to renew our lease.”

Employees of the Bukchead restaurant will be relocated to other Copeland’s, according to Bakhtavar. The restaurant has locations on Cobb and Barrett Parkways.

What will take Copeland’s place at 3365 Piedmont Road has not been confirmed.


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  1. Seems like that center could use some freshening up. The blue paint of the new burger joint doesn’t look promising.

  2. Based on your exhaustive research, the landlord didn’t ‘force’ them to close; rather, their rent was raised and the restaurant decided it was no longer profitable for them to renew. That happens.

    It’s a shame that this place did not live up to Urbanist’s exhausting culinary demands.

  3. Finally Urbanist and I agree on something. Copeland’s is absolutely the epitome of all things wrong with corporate restaurants.

    And seriously, Caleb, how can you operate a real estate blog and not understand the basics of landlord/tenant relationships? Clicker is dead on regarding his critique of the post headline.

  4. Hmmm…another predominately black establishment shutting down. Let me guess, it’s probably someone elses fault?

  5. @Reality…. na..the one at Atlantic Station is alive and well.

    I do think that in this economy, the landlord would have done better to make it work.
    With the ESPN center on Peachtree/ Buckhead closed and Three dollar the large establishments in Buckhead are losing out.

  6. I’m actually kinda sad about this. This was one of the first restaurants I developed a like for after moving to Atlanta. I’ve had some great dinner parties and get togethers at this Copelands…sorry to see it go.

    @Reality: Where did that come from?? Where you already thinking about race and tried to make this somehow “fit” or did something inside you begin to rot just a bit more and you thought of it?

  7. @Buckhead Bob, there isn’t a Copeland’s in AS.

    @Krave, just stating the facts. Going from a diverse crowd to a predominantly black clientle is the final nail in the coffin. Happens all the time in Atlanta.

  8. @Reality, First off, that was a ridiculous comment. And yes there is a Copelands Cheesecake Bistro at Atlantic Station.

  9. If a landlord sets a restriction that makes the possibility of running your business profitable non-existent, I’m pretty sure that’s “forcing” someone out. If I own a business and I set a “dress code”, or some other regulation, I’m forcing you to abide by it if you want to be a customer of my business. Clicker @ Suburbs, you’re just whining.

  10. I think a restaurant called Modern is going in the space. Copeland’s could have stayed on terms more favorable to them, of course, but Regent was able to negotiate terms more favorable to themselves with another tenant. Nobody was forced to do anything.

    And the joke in the local office (in Terminus) was that Copeland’s laundered money. Nobody knew how they were even in that space to begin with.

  11. What will take Copeland’s place? Wanda Smith — V-103 morning show host — is opening Wanda Smith’s Wing Shop and Bar Buckhead

  12. @Reality, there are plenty of establishments with predominantly caucasian clientle that go out of business in Atlanta all of the time. I don’t see how you can possibly attach race to the issue.

  13. The food is not all that great…..The service could use some help…….Copeland’s will not be missed……I rather go to Atlanta’s Fihserman Market

  14. @Reality why make this about race? They stayed open as long as they did because someone enjoyed the food. I know I did. They will be missed. I of course will be traveling to the cobb location to show my support.

  15. The real shame of it all is the closer you get to new orleans the better copelands is.. why they can’t stay consistent is why corporate restaurants should not exist

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