Condesa Coffee Opening At The Tribute Lofts

condesa coffee opening at the tribute lofts ~ what now, atlanta?
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Authentic Mexican Coffee House Opening In Old Fourth Ward


Condesa Coffee is slated to open this October at 480 John Wesley Dobbs avenue in the Tribute Lofts mercantile space.

Located in The Old Fourth Ward, the space makes full use of exposed concrete, 20 foot ceilings, and a wall of windows opening onto a large patio facing the newly re-paved PATH trail.

Seating for 30 inside includes a variety of bar, table, and armchair options. Reclaimed wood recycled from century old neighborhood warehouses highlights raw concrete, custom lighting, and modern design elements. The patio allows seating for 40 or more.

A custom made La Marzocco espresso machine is the centerpiece of the poured concrete bar top, while a secondary bar will showcase and serve boutique wines and beers from Southern Europe and Latin America.

Condesa’s menu will include a myriad of coffee and specialty beverages, in addition to Spanish style Bocatas and salads, soups, small plates, charcuterie, and a variety of pastries and desserts.

Here are a few samples from the Condesa Coffee food menu:


* Spanish Chorizo, manchego, roasted piquillo peppers
* Soppreseta with smoked gouda and olive tapenade
* Jamon Serrano and manchego
* Lemon roasted chicken, havarti, dill, cucumber


* Chorizo and butter bean
* Moroccan chicken
* Bacon, tomato and creme fraiche


* Bonito Del Norte tuna with roasted piquillo peppers, mixed field greens, house vinaigrette
* Jalisco chicken with jicama and avocado
* Apple and shaved goat cheese over mixed field greens with honey vinaigrette

Breakfast, Breads, Pastries & Desserts:

* House demi-baguette
* Seasonal fruit tart
* Stonyfield Yogurt parfait with seasonal berries and house granola
* House made Tres Leches
* Olive oil cake
* Blueberry scone with clotted crème and Bonne Mamon preserves

What seems to be a promising concept is opening in a very challenging complex. There has to be a flourishing retail or restaurant concept to succeed at Tribute Lofts which originally opened in 2007.

The major downfall, for a property with some of the best panoramic views of Atlanta, is it’s proximity. Walking for residents and guests is simply out of the question.

What are your thoughts– will Condesa succeed?

Condesa Coffee
480 John Wesley Dobbs Ave. NE Suite 100
Atlanta, GA, 30312

This information and more can be found on the Condesa Coffee Facebook page

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

16 Responses

  1. “Walking for residents and guests is simply out of the question.”

    I saw this place yesterday as I was walking from my house to the Freedom Parkway Path, so I’m not entirely sure I understand what you’re saying.

    Maybe with Danneman’s now closed it will have a chance. They at least have some drive by traffic visibility.

  2. I actually live at Tribute Lofts and didn’t know this was happening! I think it’s a toss-up with any new establishment…hopefully they got a great deal on the rent! There is plenty of parking in the guest deck, as well as along the street. Plus, the patrons and clients of the law office, chiropractor, and hair salon already at Tribute – plus all of the residents at the Alexan 360, CityView, Tribute Lofts, and in the surrounding area could prove it a success. We shall see…

  3. I’m perplexed about the location. From what I’ve seen there doesn’t seem to be any decent options for parking and the location doesn’t seem that great. It will get a ton of drive-by traffic but as or people stopping in, I don’t see a lot of luck in that area. I’ll be sure to stop by as I’m in the neighborhood to give it a YELP to help others learn about what to expect.

  4. they will be using Intelligentsia Coffee so their Facebook page says. i believe there is a large amount of rumor involved with this place… i don’t doubt they will have food, but from what i hear this is gonna be ATL’s next real specialty Coffee shop. Its about time too Atlanta needs better coffee, although octane is fantastic.
    im excited and i hope they do very well.

  5. Not quite sure I agree with the following previous statement that was written: “The major downfall, for a property with some of the best panoramic views of Atlanta, is it’s proximity. Walking for residents and guests is simply out of the question.” While I agree with the panoramic views Tribute Lofts has to offer, I find the rest of that statement to be just a bit ironic. Considering the Freedom Park Trail (managed by The Path Foundation) is no more that 20 feet away from the soon to be patio for Condesa. Not to mention the countless mothers with baby strolers, cyclists, and fitness enthusiasts I see on this location of the trail everyday. When opened, Condesa will be no more than an eight minute stroll down the Freedom Park Trail from some of Atlanta’s most enjoyable restaurants such as Highland Bakery, Across the Street, Zuma Sushi, P’cheen, and many others. Depending on my mood and how many Red Bulls I’ve had that day; I walk, jog, or run this part of the trail several times a week and have done so for the past year. The only thing that upsets me about the Condesa location, is that the patio is taking away my stretching spot.

  6. Went by there. Staff not friendly. Felt cold and hard in there. Bought a cup of the coffee they poured from the kettle, was certainly not worth the $4 I paid for a small cup. Will fail.

  7. Geez. The author didn’t do enough research. No walkability? Really? There are hundreds of apartments less than two blocks away (I live in alexan 360) and there is plenty of parking on the street next to tribute. I think any business willing to take a chance in this transitional area deserves more than an “it’s going to fail” attitude. I’ve been there 4 times and theyve remembered me each time. I actually like their laid-back service. It’s better than the fake smiles you get at starbucks. They are definitely aiming for the Octane crowd, who understands coffee… Not the mocha mclatte crowd. Give them a chance.

  8. This place is giving the specialty coffee community in Atlanta a good face. We need places like Condesa to open up frequently (of course, not in the same areas). Condesa opening is good for everyone who enjoys a great cup of coffee and the ability to learn from the baristas. The solid, knowledgeable crew + Intelligentsia = success; the location isn’t even a factor here considering the history of the Westend before Octane. The Old Fourth Ward is already growing exponentially, and I see Condesa as being a very integral part of that growth. But what do I know? I’ve only been in the Atlanta coffee community for 5+ years. So, in the end, the weight is on the shoulders of the baristas and the consumers willing to spend the extra $0.50 on quality over quantity. Let’s hope for the best and give this shop the support it deserves. I can only hope that more great coffee shops open up in Atlanta to give the NW coast a run for its money!

  9. Hey people, why the negativity? I have been there several times and I find that the staff is friendly and the parking is fine. There is street parking (on the side road) as well as parking in the deck (which I haven’t had to do yet). I agree that there can be a lot of foot traffic in the area (apartments, neighborhoods, Tribute Loft residents) so that’s a plus. I’m happy that there’s an option for coffee in the neighborhood again! I had the quiche the other day and it was yummy as well. Give it a chance…

  10. Also don’t understand the comment about walking being out of the question?? I live in Inman Park Village and find the distance from my home, the perfect justification to add some kind of sweet pastry to my coffee..: -) Welcome to the neighborhood!

  11. I find the staff friendly and the environment great for working or socializing! I frequently walk here from my Old Forth Ward apartment and there is plenty of parking (street and parking deck). It seems like each week they are making improvements to the layout and adding more comfortable seating options. The location is nearly perfect with numerous bar and restaurant options just down the road on Edgewood.

    They recently added loose leaf tea options, which are great too!

  12. I’ve been a few times now. They have parking so if walking it too far, you can drive. There are always a good number of people there too. The coffee and service are good so I wish them well.

  13. i wondered about the location too, but i stopped in a week ago, maybe a saturday, and the place was hopping. AMAZING coffee. great staff. enjoyed my quiche. fresh, delicious. hope they make it. i’ll come back.

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