Midtown Alliance Moving Forward With Commercial Row Commons ‘Mini Park,’ Wants Public’s Feedback

Attend the Sept. 10 event to see the revised designs and share your feedback.

Midtown Alliance is moving forward with plans to develop Commercial Row Commons, a “mini park” at the intersection of Peachtree Place and Peachtree Street.

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The organization is hosting a public meeting on Tuesday, September 10 to unveil the project’s latest designs and elicit feedback from attendees.

Commercial Row Commons has been in the works since mid-2018.

“Development of Commercial Row Commons will provide more public space for this popular destination and high traffic corridor,” according to a landing page for the project.

“Currently, tables and chairs that serve Commercial Row’s restaurants impede the flow of pedestrian traffic through this important MARTA-access corridor. The creation of the plaza will provide both a clear and unobstructed pathway for pedestrians, as well as a dedicated and relaxed space to enjoy.”

Proposed enhancements include:

  • “Improved alignment” of Peachtree Street and Peachtree Place intersection
  • Repurposing up to 26 feet of roadway for open space 
  • Landscaping enhancements including a new, planted median
  • Sidewalk and curb ramp repairs
  • Enhanced pedestrian lighting
  • Increased permeable surface coverage by more than 50 percent
  • Milling, repaving, and restriping of Peachtree Place from Crescent Avenue to Peachtree Street

Tickets to Tuesday’s event can be collected by visiting this Eventbrite listing.

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Site Plan: Official
  • As a resident of Midtown, this is an awful idea. It will become a homeless shelter, just like every park in atlanta. I see homeless use are benches and parks as their personal urinal and toilet. I also see open wounds laying on all the benches in Midtown. I would never sit on a bench or patio dining in Midtown due to the fact what I see the homeless do to these common grounds. If you want flesh eating infections, vote yes on more public homeless lounging areas.

    • As a resident and professional worker in Midtown, this is a great idea. The thousands of cities in the world have thousands of parks. You don’t just not have parks to avoid things like homeless people. “This new park will have trees! Birds like trees! This might mean more bird poop in my neighborhood! No parks!!!! Burn all parks!!” You don’t want the streets of your neighborhood to be a cold, detached tunnel simply used by cars to zoom by faster. If you want that, go visit some Portman buildings downtown. They are so cozy and inviting! Nothing like blocks of cold hard concrete with no benches, grass, trees, etc to make you feel at home!

  • I don’t agree with this move. Taking up a lane of traffic for personal use is NEVER a good idea in Atlanta and particularly Midtown
    I live across the street from this area, it is already congested enough

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