Chopt Creative Salad Co Files Plans For Ansley Mall

Build-your-own salad joint to replace Moe's in Piedmont Heights shopping center.

Chopt Creative Salad Co. is planning a location for Ansley Mall in the Piedmont Heights neighborhood of Atlanta, according to a permit application filed with the City Thursday.

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Colin McCabe, the co-founder of Chopt, confirmed the news in a prepared statement to What Now Atlanta Friday.

“We are very excited about opening at Ansley Mall and serving a health-conscious community that truly cares about the sourcing and quality of their food,” McCabe said.

“We look forward to introducing everyone to our salads, inspired by flavors from around the world and brought to life in partnership with local artisans and farmers.”

The build-your-own salad joint would replace Moe’s Southwest Grill, at 1544 Piedmont Avenue NE, according to the plans.

Moe’s is still open for business.

It’s unclear when the quick-service Mexican eatery would close its doors to make way for the salad restaurant.

An estimated $450,000 would be spent converting the Moe’s space into Chopt.

It will be the third Atlanta-area location for the chain.

Toco Hills welcomed the market’s first outpost on June 22, 2018.

Buckhead’s Tuxedo Festival shopping center will be home to the second.

Chopt Ansley Mall
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Ansley Mall | Photo: Selig
Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

10 Responses

  1. Thanks so much for correctly attributing Ansley Mall to the Piedmont Heights neighborhood! News articles often get the neighborhood wrong, so thank you for your attention to detail. Will miss Moe’s but looking forward to Chopt!

      1. Neighbors are outraged. Jamey is a part of our family. Our kids don’t want salads after soccer games. They want Moes. Neighborhood families will not support a salad place. Will the owner buy Girl Scout cookies and make birthday cakes for our kids out of his own pocket? Know all our names? We are devestated.


    It’s a fun place to work.
    Great salads. Remember to be generous serve with urgency And Innovate

    Remember while working we don’t do it our way we do it the chopped way!

    1. Leave moes alone. Take the pizza place two doors down. We need moes. Our kids don’t eat salads after soccer games. They eat Moes. You’re going to be pretty unpopular with the local families.

  3. I am furious. Janey is a part of our neighborhood. He knows our kids and supports our teams and scout triope. Busy at all times. It’s a neighborhood destination. Meanwhile the pizza place three doors down is so dead you can hear crickets. I will never ever set foot into the stupid salad place. Boycotting. I hope nobody else goes either. We need a place where our kids can eat not a build a salad place. Furious. First my dry cleaner and now Jamey????

  4. Moe’s really fits a need / price point / convenience for the families in the neighborhood that a salad place will not provide. I really hope Moe’s is able to relocate within Ansley.

  5. @#!&$#!!! This infuriates me. This has been my goto lunch spot for years. Why doncha get rid of the stupid pizza place a few doors down. Nobody’s in there anyway. Stupid, stupid decision.

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