Chops Lobster Bar Partially Reopens After Extensive Renovations

Parent company Buckhead Life Restaurant Group reopened downstairs Lobster Bar on Sept. 1; Chops to reopen upstairs in mid-October 2022.
Chops Lobster Bar Partially Reopens After Extensive Renovations - 1
Rendering: Johnson Studio

Buckhead Life Restaurant Group has reopened the doors to Chops Lobster Bar after extensive renovations. Niko Karatassos, Co-President, Buckhead Life Restaurant Group in a press release Tuesday said the restaurant is “better than ever.”

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The Lobster Bar, located downstairs, has reopened as of September 1, 2022. Just upstairs, Chops is set to reopen to the public in mid-October. The restaurant has been closed since January following a fire that resulted in significant water damage. Prior to the fire, an expansion of Chops’ dining room had just completed.

The expansion includes an entirely new dining room, named the “Plaza Room,” available for private group dining or individual reservations. Iron doors will open to the redesigned, Buckhead Plaza, shared by neighbors Umi, Chai Yo, The Garden Room and The St. Regis.

There’s also a new patio overlooking Buckhead Plaza with six to seven tables will be open for up to 36 guests to dine and drink, and a new bar/dining area. Contemporary artwork curated by Fay Gold fills the space.

In addition to the physical updates made to the exterior and interior of Chops Lobster Bar, diners can also expect to see a few notable updates to the menu, including an expansion of dry-aged meat selections, new escargot appetizer, and wood-grilled octopus appetizer with marinated red onions, Greek olives and capers.

“The grilled octopus recipe comes through our family heritage; this is it’s something we’ve been doing in our family for generations,” Pano Karatassos, Co-President and Executive Chef, of Buckhead Life Restaurant Group, said in the release. “The end result is a very tender octopus, crispy on the outside, with rich Greek flavor from aged red wine vinegar.”

Chops Lobster Bar first opened in 1989. “We have been seeing our Chops customers at other Buckhead Life restaurants more often since the restaurant closed, because they know they will be taken care of and love the treatment they receive,” said Niko. “But we are ready to get them back through the iconic front door of Chops.”

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Rendering: Johnson Studio
Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak