Details Revealed For Chirori, The Japanese Eatery Replacing Better Half in Home Park

Chirori will 'blend the art' of pairing sake along with Robatayaki cuisine.

Takashi Otsuka, the founder of popular ramen eatery WaGaYa, at the end of May will open Chirori.

The Japanese eatery will replace Better Half in Home Park, at 349 14th St NW, adjacent the original WaGaYa.

Chirori is the text translation of the Japanese characters 銚釐 which means “a bottle in which sake is heated.”

At the heart of the restaurant’s mission will be pairing Robatayaki (mainly of seafood grilled over charcoal) with sake.

“In the current restaurant market the concept of pairing alcohol with the cuisine is not common nor is it taken into consideration at many dining establishments,” Otsuka in an email Wednesday told What Now Atlanta.

“Guests typically select their alcohol and food independently of each other. At Chirori we want our guests to experience the delightfulness of a mutually flavorful experience in both alcohol and food.”⠀

Otsuka is working with sake sommeliers to pair Chirori’s dishes with sake in 1.5-, 5-, and 10-ounce pours.

“Sake is incredibly versatile and can be enjoyed at many temperatures along with all types of cuisines and is not limited to only Japanese food,” Otsuka said.

“It is great when paired with foods such as prosciutto, cheeses, and tomatoes. We want our guests to discover the love they have for sake and take joy in their dining experience from beginning to end with us at Chirori.”

Chirori Atlanta
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Floor plan: Official
Chirori Restaurant Atlanta -- Better Half
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