Chick’n Factory Replaces Grindhouse Killer Burgers Later This Month

Organic chicken sandwiches will be served out of the former burger chain's Sweet Auburn Curb Market home under the same owner.

Grindhouse Killer Burgers’ first-ever location will soon reopen as a new organic chicken sandwich eatery called Chick’n Factory. The Sweet Auburn Curb Market stall, at 209 Edgewood Ave SE Unit 117, could debut Monday, Oct. 19 “barring any unforeseen delays,” Owner Tony Accurso tells What Now Atlanta (WNA).

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“Chick’n Factory is a nod to my childhood, specifically my Dad,” Accurso, who was the franchisee that took over the 11-year-old Grindhouse, said. “I was raised in the rust belt, Detroit, where my dad and virtually everyone I knew was affiliated with the auto industry. My dad worked in the historic Ford Rouge plant. It was the first and only auto plant that could make a car from raw materials to finished product. That was the heyday of U.S. industry.”

Accurso decided to close Grindhouse in late-August and open his own concept as competition for the burger brand got stiff with new locations of the chain popping up throughout the City. That’s according to Grindhouse Founder Alex Brounstein who in August told WNA, “I think maybe because, with Grindhouse Grant Park around the corner, I severely restricted his delivery area and ability to cater. So he’s trying something new where he has more freedom to do what he wants with the business.”

Chick’n Factory is everything chicken, using only the “best” meat, according to Accurso. “It is super juicy, and flavorful. Our brine makes it that way. Our coating is a sweeter taste to offset our sauces. Unlike Hattie B’s, our heat will come from our house-made sauces. Our featured sauce is a creation of Randy Jamison, the spicy/sweet bourbon. Our sauces define the sandwich, like hot honey or buffalo bleu.”

To complement the chicken sandwich entrees, Chick’n Factory will offer sides like parmigiana crusted zucchini fries and chocolate covered and frozen key lime pie on a stick. Despite the quality of the chicken — Springer Farm organic — Accurso said he is committed to keeping the price of a sandwich to $6.50 and an entire meal to under $10. “It’s a must in the market.” Speaking of the market, Accurso also has COVID on his mind in launching the new business. “Even the experience can be defined as post-COVID where customers come, sit and order and pay from a QR code on the table. The food will come to them in five to ten minutes.”

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

2 Responses

  1. Using chicken (and particularly Chick’n) and factory together doesn’t really give me the impression of an organic product.
    And that logo…

  2. This is Great news I did not even know that there was an Original Grind house Killer Burgers Hopefully he will open more locations around the city eventually.

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