Do 'Master Planned Communities' like Midtown's Atlantic Station hurt our city?

Urbanist, guest columnist, says Atlantic Station is a great example of a "destructive" development. Atlantic Station (AS), the physical manifestation of Atlanta’s zeal for bright, new, shiny developments, has come at the expense of logic and smart economics. Prematurely crowned with a replica of the Arc de Triomphe, the only thing that AS has managed … Continued

Are Atlantans ready to rent luxury high-rise apartments?

They should, argues Urbanist, guest columnist, because it's the only way Atlanta will become a great city. It's been proven Atlantans will purchase high-rise condos but will they rent high-rise apartments? There's only one way to find out. Midtown is expected to see two separate high-rise luxury apartment buildings -- a 22-story and a 23-story … Continued

[Opinion] Are condos ruining Atlanta?

Urbanist, guest columnist, says condos are stunting Atlanta's urban growth. His solution? Apartments. UPDATE (July 3) : Are Atlantan's ready to rent luxury high-rise apartments? Home ownership, Middle America’s status symbol that ignorantly proclaims “I’ve made it in life,” has undermined Atlanta’s capability to grow into the global urban center that it has the potential … Continued