CamiCakes Is Adding a Retail Component To Its West Midtown Commissary Kitchen

Hidden storefront is behind Forsyth Fabrics near Westside Provisions District.

CamiCakes is opening a West Midtown location, but not in a traditional storefront.

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The bakery is adding a retail component to its commissary kitchen, at 1201 West Lane NW.

Cupcakes will be sold from the space starting Friday, March 1.

“After operating our commissary kitchen for a little while, we realized there was a huge opportunity to offer retail,” Andra Hall, the owner of CamiCakes, in a telephone conversation Tuesday told What Now Atlanta.

“People knock on the door asking for cupcakes all the time.”

The commissary kitchen is where all of the CamiCakes baked goods are made before being delivered to the company’s seven locations.

The space is a little tricky to find.

It sits behind the Forsyth Fabrics building and isn’t on the main street.

“It’s a strange location,” Hall said.

“We have to figure out the best way to educate our customers that we’re there.”

While the location technically opens Friday, Hall and her team over the next weeks and months will be putting the final touches on the space.

For example, there isn’t currently any signage outside.

“Now our customers will be able to pick up our cupcakes while seeing how they’re made,” Hall said.

“They can smell the product being made. That’s lacking in our existing retail stores because really all the magic happens in our commissary.”

This is the second announcement for Hall this month.

The restauranteur last week announced the closing of her Annie Mae’s Pantry restaurant.

CamiCakes West Midtown
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Photo: Google Maps | Graphics: What Now Atlanta
Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak