By Weight and Measure Bar Coming to The Collective at the CODA Fall 2020

Expect a science lab-meets-industrial greenhouse cocktail experience from the team behind Joystick, Georgia Beer Garden.
The Collective at The Coda - Tech Square
Photo: Official

By Weight and Measure, a new bar from Johnny Martinez, Brandon Ley and Ian Carlson (Joystick Gamebar and Georgia Beer Garden), will open on the ground floor of the Coda complex in Midtown’s Tech Square.

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By Weight and Measure be located in the 25,000-square-foot “chef-driven” food hall called The Collective.

The owners are planning for a fall 2020 opening.

Floor-to-ceiling windows in the food hall and the tech and science-leaning bent of the Coda complex and the surrounding Georgia Tech community lends a “science lab meets industrial greenhouse” feel for the bar’s space in The Collective, Co-Owner Brandon Ley shared with What Now Atlanta during a phone interview.

It is the ideal environment for Ian Carlson, who has been the brains behind the concept and has spearheaded the scientific research, according to Ley.

“We’re using techniques from when the bartending artform was created in the 19th century and applying scientific 21st-century methods to cocktails in a quick service craft kiosk concept,” Ley said.

“With By Weight and Measure, we’re doing all the things that bartenders do, but we’re also concerned about cell walls, and how to use a centrifuge to infuse things and clarify things and what happens when you deep freeze alcohol at a certain temperature and extract water and replace it with other things. We are not the first, but we are harnessing it in a way that I don’t know if Atlanta has seen quite yet.”

And what about the name?

“We found out that one of the fathers of modern chemistry in Germany put the inscription, ‘God has ordered all his creations by weight and measure,’ above his door. It marries nature with the very scientific aspects of weight and measurement, and it informs how we approach cocktails.”

A distilled version of By Weight and Measure’s cocktail menu will be available for light tastes at CODA’s grand opening on March 19.

Tenants in The Collective are starting to open for business.

Poke Burri was the first to debut with an opening this week.

Kamille D. Whittaker

Kamille D. Whittaker

Kamille D. Whittaker is an Atlanta-based journalist, editor and researcher.
Kamille D. Whittaker

Kamille D. Whittaker

Kamille D. Whittaker is an Atlanta-based journalist, editor and researcher.