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Buckhead Diner, Joe's on Juniper and others that failed health inspections last month

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Buckhead Diner, Joe's on Juniper and others that failed health inspections last month

Fulton County restaurants that failed their health inspection in March

What's considered failing? Failing scores change from one health inspector to the next but the industry standard is that anything below a 70 (out of 100) is failing, according to April Majors, public information officer for the Fulton County Environmental Health Services Department.

With out further ado, here's a list of Fulton County restaurants that failed their health inspection in March-- Bon appétit!

Buckhead Diner

Failed inspection: March 14, 2011 Score: 57, Grade: U (Full report and violations)

(3073 Piedmont Road N. Atlanta, GA 30305)

Joe's on Juniper

Failed inspection: March 16, 2011 Score: 63, Grade U (Full report and violations)

(1049 Juniper Street Atlanta, GA 30309)


Fire of Brazil/Jalapeno Charlie's

Failed inspection: March 4, 2011 Score: 39, Grade: U (Full report and violations)

(218 Peachtree Street NW Atlanta, GA 30303)


Big Easy Grille

Failed inspection: March 16, 2011 Score: 59, Grade: U (Full report and violations)

(1193 Collier Road Atlanta, GA 30318)


The Daiquiri Factory

Failed inspection: March 17, 2011 Score: 67, Grade: U (Full report and violations)

(889 West Peachtree Street Atlanta, GA 30309)


Chick-Fil-A #873

Failed inspection: March 23, 2011 Score: 63, Grade: U (Full report and violations)

(6085 North Point Parkway Alpharreta, GA 30022)


Peter Cheng

Failed inspection: March 16, 2011 Score: 49, Grade: U (Full report and violations)

(6450 Powers Ferry Road Atlanta, GA 30339)


Rice Box

Failed inspection: March 16, 2011 Score: 68, Grade: U (Full report and violations)

(931 Monroe Drive Suite A 108 Atlanta, GA 30308)


Brittain Dinning Hall

Failed inspection: March 9, 2011 Score: 65, Grade: U (Full report and violations)

(649 Techwood Drive Atlanta, GA 30332)



Failed inspection: March 23, 2011 Score: 39, Grade: U (Full report and violations)

(55 Park Place N. Atlanta, GA 30303)


Cafe 2000

Failed inspection: March 4, 2011 Score: 54, Grade: U (Full report and violations)

(960 Johnson Ferry Road Atlanta, GA 30342)


Saxby's Coffee

Failed inspection: March 23, 2011 Score: 64, Grade: U (Full report and violations)

(100 Decatur Street Suite 190 Atlanta, GA 30303)



Failed inspection: March 24, 2011 Score: 64, Grade: U (Full report and violations)

(231 18th Street NW Suite 7100 Atlanta, GA 30363)

For February's failed inspections, click here! Wondering why we don't publish re-inspections and passing scores? Click here.

Caleb J. Spivak
Caleb Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak (CJS) is the Founder of What Now Atlanta (WNA). He was featured in The New York Times, Creative Loafing's "20 People to Watch," named "Lifestyle Blogger You Need To Know" by Rolling Out Magazine and highlighted as Atlanta's Metropolitan Male in fashion magazine, 944. WNA has been named "Best of Atlanta" by Creative Loafing, and Atlanta and Jezebel Magazines.

40 responses to “Buckhead Diner, Joe's on Juniper and others that failed health inspections last month

  1. for all the publicity that PETER CHANG got, I wonder if AJC will be posting up their 49U score in the RESTAURANT INSPECTION column.

  2. I love that you post these failed health inspections. I know most don't care (i.e., notice patio PACKED at Joe's every weekend), but i was wondering if you thought about posting the process the health department has in going back to these places and seeing what they've done.

    I think we all know these places "get good" for a month or two and then slip again. But seeing some of those inspections comments like "mold found in the ice machine", that's just HORRIBLE. I almost wish a restaurant would be closed down for that because they serve ice in all their non-alcoholic drinks.

  3. I think it is terribly unfair for you to post these scores. We all know that these restaurants are good and that the inspector just had it out for them. It is just crazy to think that the restaurant could get in trouble for keeping healthy, raw chicken next to plates ready to be served to customers. We need to do a better job of ignoring facts and get to making better excuses. I'd keep typing but I think I have a touch of food poisoning.

  4. No soap or paper towels located at handwashing sink
    Mold in ice machine
    Chicken wings prepped in fruit/vegetable sink

    I sure do want a Daquiri...maybe a mudslide.

  5. I think that any restaurant that gets a 'failing' score should be shut down for 2 business days. This would give business owners and managers a financial incentive to keep a good grade. It's all about follow-up and management of the facilities EVEN during rush times. The next time you rush home after a 'nice' meal and have just enough time to get to the toilet before all hell breaks loose - consider what these low scores could mean to your health and well-being.

  6. People don't care? I care! You will not catch me eating at any of these places until they have severely improved scores. I love that this is posted! Fascinating and disturbing.

  7. Are you kidding me? Is "Mold in the ice machine" becoming the norm? Preparing ready to eat food with your bare hands? So they sneeze, cover their mouths with their hands and then touch your food with their bare hands. Yummy!

    Oh and how can you make daiquiris without ice? I wonder if the Daiquiri Factory's new slogan will be "Our alcohol kills 99.9% of germs"

  8. I'm devastated by the Peter Chang's review, but, honestly, it probably won't stop me from going. I can't stay away from the hot and numbing spices. I'll just convince myself that they kill the germs.

  9. You forgot to mention in the article that the regulations have changed and now are tougher than they used to be, and there is a learning curve going on right now.

  10. This is very disturbing to me. I have been in food service as an employee for 17 years and as a manager of an elementary school cafeteria for 10. I can proudly say I have received a 100 twice a year for 10 years now. The serve safe rules and food handling regs are very explicit. There is no grey area when you are dealing with the health of the public. I think every restaurant that makes below a 90 should be shut down for 2 days to make a statement financially to the managers and operating personnel of these establishments. As for me, the health inspection is the first thing I look at when I go out to eat.

  11. I think it's appalling that a chic fil a is on this list. Especially one that is as busy as this one. Especially one I ate at the day before this inspection. Yeah, it didn't kill me but......gross!

  12. I agree with Wizard. Shut them down if they fail and give them a day or two to bring it up to par, but they can't be reopened until they make a passing grade. A couple of examples like this and no one would fail.

  13. To all the people who said they'd stop reading this site because it posts information that might save your life (or from marrying your toilet): Please. Ya bunch of ostriches! fine, if you want to bury your head in the grease pit, be my guest. I for one LOVE that this sites puts failing grades. The bad press should tighten every restaurateur's sphincters and make them fly right (their sanitation, not their sphincters).

  14. "Terribly unfair to post these scores"? God, really? I bet you're one of those people who thinks the government never lies.

    I think it's great that you post these. It probably won't affect my decision to eat there, but it WILL cause me to be more aware of the grades at these places. It allows me to use caution when judging, which I appreciate.

  15. Seriously, a dining hall at Georgia Tech? My daughter tells me the food is bad (she is a picky eater and it is college food after all)but this is ridiculous.

  16. I work at Joe's on Juniper and they have always had good health scores. There is no excuse for the 63, but we were reinspected on March 28th and received a 100. I don't follow this blog, but do they normally post updated scores?

  17. Our practices have not been changed in the 16 years I have been there. The Health Inspector changed his priorities and we were happy to make the changes he requested. We always want to be the place to dine in Atlanta. Our current score is 90. Thanks for your loyalty. Brian

  18. Looking at the Joe's score, the report indicates that it was inspected on 1/27/2011 and it got a 85 -- B score and that the inspection on 3/16/11 which they got a 63 -- U on was a follow up when they KNEW THE INSPECTOR WAS COMING.

  19. brittian didng hall is an old building, the things taken off on the health score were about the building not the food. we were retested a week later and passed but that wasnt posted. be fair

  20. Ummmm, people that are getting offended at Tammy's comment. Maybe you should read the ENTIRE comment before posting. Sarcasm can be quite fun 🙂

  21. You must read a health Inspection thouroughly. The health inspectors in Fulton County often do not know the code and if they are in a bad mood will make stuff up.
    Then there is the non logical scoring system.
    For some reason there is a 9 point deduction for an open container without a lid. Yes, A coke with a straw in in it brings you down from a 100 to a 91. Keep in mind, the dishwasher in most restaurants are located in the kitchen so 90% of all drink consumed by customers must be brought to and through the kitchen to be run through the diswasher. It's basically impossible to comply to this dumb ass code. There is also a significant deduction for a clean towel sitting on a prep table. It must be stored in a bucket. Really? Another stupid violation is that uncooked chicken stored in a covered plastic container next to uncooked hamburger meat stored in a separate covered plastic container must be separted by a fingers length. Yeah becasue germs can jump through 1/4 inch plastic and then survive a 500 degree grill.
    However, you can have rat poop on the floor and it is only a 2 or 3 point deduction. So let me ask you, would you rather eat in a restaurant that has a 98 with rat poo every where or a restaurant that received a 82 becasue two employee's were sucking down cokes in the same way you suck one down at the table?

  22. Sucking down Cokes or not...other establishments consistently play by the rules and maintain a very high inspection score every time.

  23. Skreet
    You missed the point. I said read the inspection before you make a determination. A restaurant with very high standards can get screwed by a scoring system that doesn't seem to put real health issues in line with the score. I'm not defending unsanitary restaurants. I'm pointing out the scoring system and the people doing it are flawed.

  24. @Tammy - I loved the sarcasm and picked up on it immediately.

    To everyone that missed it - the reason these health scores exist is so people like you don't have to think or posses common sense when you enter a restaurant.

  25. I think Brittain Hall owes every student a free meal AFTER they pass their next inspection and the opportunity to eat anywhere else until they DO pass. Many students for a long time have complained about how bad the quality, service, and cleanliness has been. Why did it take so long for it to finally be uncovered???

  26. For anyone poo-pooing these violations, I suggest you watch Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares. While I don't agree with the drinks in the kitchen violation, I understand from ServSafe training that you don't handle food without gloves, use the same knife or cutting board for different proteins, storing food on the floor, etc. It's not that hard to meet these regulations and a good chef would make sure. It's intolerable that you get a violation for not having a thermometer in a walk-in or freezer. So, shape up, Atlanta. No one wants to get sick.

  27. Goes to show, the bad service at Joe's reflects the poor attitude of the management. Management is responsible for the cleanliness of the restaurant.

  28. I went to ricebox last month and it was the dirtiest place that ive ever ate in. The space had so much potential, but there were flies everywhere and the floor and tables had not been cleaned the entire day. And on top of that.. the food was TERRIBLE... i actually took pictures of how dirty it was. This is a well deserved fail!

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