Buckhead Bottle Bar Pays $800 To Un-boot 14 Employees Cars On Their Own Property

14 buckhead bottle bar employees cars get booted ~ what now, altanta?

Is Ben Carter Funding Streets of Buckhead One Boot At A Time?

A.D. Allushi, co-owner of Buckhead Bottle Bar alongside Atlanta Hawks Zaza Pachulia, was troubled to find that Ameripark, the company he hired to valet dinner guests, had booted 14 of his employees cars Saturday, Aug. 21.

Buckhead Bottle Bar opened for dinner service for the first time just three months ago near the vacant ‘Streets of Buckhead’ project under Carter Properties.

As a condition in the lease agreement for Buckhead Bottle Bar (space owned by George Rohrig of Cartel Properties), entitlement to 94 spaces at the Hifi Buys parking lot (space owned by Ben Carter of Ben Carter Properties) across the street would be provided during business hours.

“Since Buckhead Bottle Bar opened, my employees have parked there,” said A.D. Allushi.

Follow this interesting dynamic: Allushi hired Ameripark to valet guests for Buckhead Bottle Bar and Ben Carter hired Ameripark to manage the same lot (as in boot illegally parked vehicles).

In the middle of the dinner rush, several employees parked in the Hifi Buys lot, approached Allushi to inform him that they had been booted.

“I ran outside and was shocked to see the boots and to find that the Ameripark representative indicated he specifically booted my employees,” Allushi told us explaining it was ordered by Ameripark.

“This is the valet company I hired which doesn’t really make much sense.”

Ameripark no longer operates as the valet for Buckhead Bottle Bar but still manages the lot through Ben Carter Properties.

“The lot was dead and the area was a graveyard before I opened Buckhead Bottle Bar,” Allushi added.

$800.00 to remove the boots and Allushi still has eight years remaining on the lease for 94 spaces at Hifi Buys parking lot (whatever that means).

We don't know specifics of the lease agreement (and weren't able to reach Ameripark or Ben Cater Properties) but there seems to be a conflict of interest. What's your take?

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