BGR Burger Joint replacing Doc Green’s Atlantic Station

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Photo courtesy of BGR on Facebook

Midtown to receive first Georgia location for the burger restaurant.

BGR The Burger Joint is opening its first Georgia location in Midtown, Hunt Archbold with Midtown Patch first reported.

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The quick service burger restaurant will replace the now shuttered Doc Green’s, at 264 19th street, inside Atlantic Station.

Brian Dralle, the franchise of the Which Wich Superior Sandwiches located adjacent to the Doc Green’s space, will open the BGR: The Burger Joint at the mixed-use development in Midtown.

The Virginia-based chain has 18 locations nationally, according to its website. Plans for more locations in 2012 are underway.

For the rest of Midtown Patch’s thoughtful report, click here.

Disclosure: the author of this article is employed by North American Properties (Atlantic Station’s developer). Articles relating to North American Properties, Atlantic Station, or its affiliates will be treated like all other news content presented on What Now Atlanta. The owner of this blog will never receive compensation in any way from this blog’s content unless explicitly noted.]


  • I’m not even mad that it’s a burger place. AS certainly didn’t have a quick burger place. I’m just assuming this place will charge you $10 for a small burger and fries served with pre-programmed flair. Any burger place that doesn’t mention the weight of the meat on the menu (the “9 pounder” is unrealistic) makes me automatically assume they’re trying to distract you with fluff while they screw you over on portions.

    The fact that it’s coming from the Which Wich guy makes me even more suspicious. I tried that place three times, and each time, I could hardly tell there was meat on the sandwich.

  • Evidently things are going well for Which Wich if the same franchisee is opening another restaurant there. That’s probably the best sign for AS that I’ve seen. Oh, and who the cares if it’s a burger place. A quick service burger place is something that will do very well in AS I would think.

  • It’s been said before, but really, another burger joint?

    Seems like FLIP really got the ball rolling

    What does ATL have so far in burger-focused joints?

    Yeah! Burger
    Farm Burger
    Five Napkin
    Five Guys

  • Hey Caleb,

    Why are the condescending comments and snide smarminess missing from this post? Surely you can’t be happy about another burger joint opening in this hickified hamlet. Why reserve the venom just for Lime Fresh?

    Oh wait…this is Atlantic Station news. Now I see.

  • I am assuming this is the same BGR The Burger Joint in Dupont Circle in DC….Amazing burgers and sweet potato fries, but they are definitely not cheap! Burgers start at like $10 and a side of sweet potato fries is $3.50, but you definitely get enough to share with another, but if you want some for just yourself, that’s alot to spend….delicious addition to Atlanta nonetheless!

  • Atlanta needs a grilled cheese restaurant. Sure it wouldn’t last more than a year or two, but if done right if could do well during that time it takes for everyone to get bored with it.

  • Sorry Jason…there isn’t anywhere else on the planet where grilled cheese sandwiches have become popular, were then over-commercialized, and then fizzled out. Until this life-cycle happens, Atlanta isn’t likely to get one. However, if this life-cycle happens somewhere else, Atlanta will have grilled cheese places on every corner in no-time.

  • @T

    The fact that you even include Five Guys and Smashburger into your list of burger places discredits your entire comments. So we have 5 really good places to get burgers in this city. So what? How man steak houses are there? How many hispanic inspired places are there?

  • @ Jason – Not quite sure, but I’d say probably a year or two everywhere else. So, if the melt has 3 location in SF, and has been around for a year, then look for the first replica of the melt to show up in Atlanta in about 3 years, long after the rest of the civilized world has had their fill. And look for the 10 outstanding restaurants to be the same 10 outstanding restaurants that have always been, and will likely always be, in this city.

  • @ BCATL

    I’m curious to know how you don’t think at least Smashburger belongs on that list? The list was titled “burger focused joints”. The last time I checked both Smashburger and Five Guys fit that criteria.

  • @T – Not to respond for BCATL, but one can say McDonalds, Burger King & Wendy’s are burger focused joints. Though you did leave off the Granddaddy of all Atlanta burger joints – The Vortex.

  • @T

    They are not in the same league. You might as well throw in all of the fast food places too then. And if you did, it makes your entire argument invalid because every city would have too many burger joints. This new place wouldn’t open if there wasn’t demand. You want something else to eat then go open your own restaurant. Otherwise shut up and sit down, because the constant negativity ANY time that ANY thing opens in this city is absolutely absurd. Yet again I will issue the challenge to anyone: go live in one of our regional competitors (with the exception of Savannah) and find out what real disappointment is in terms local flavor and character and urbanism. Atlanta is not the best, and it does need many improvements, but it sure as hell is better than anything else within 500 miles of here.

  • “caleb j. spivak February 27, 2012 at 9:17 pm #
    when “blurbanist” identifies him/herself, ill oblige it with a response.


    So you have to know the identity of blog commenters now before you will answer a simple question? Are you perhaps getting a little thinned skinned or maybe the criticism about you regarding your conflict of interest regarding Atlantic Station and your position with them is starting to weigh on you?

  • Let me describe their burger. 2 pieces of COLD bread, some letuce, tomato, pickle, and a piece of DRY ground beef ( the beef was lying on the grill for 15min, i looked at the time). It took me 24 min for my order to come n the funny part that they were not busy at all. I dont think the staff know how to cook beef

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