The new two-story building is proposed to provide an “outside the gates” presence.
The Center for Innovation and the Arts will be a state-of-the-art facility which will inspire interdisciplinary experimentation.
An existing home is proposed to be converted to accommodate the program needs of up to thirty children.
The redevelopment requires a land use amendment and a zoning change.
The site requires the approval of two land use requests before the move can take place.
The conversion of the existing warehouse space will include both exterior and interior improvements.
A rezoning and land use amendment are needed to develop the 4.8-acre site.
The purpose of the renovation and addition is to provide a new space to offer cancer treatments.
Plans have been presented to create 201 affordable rental units in the Mechanicsville neighborhood.
If approved, Invest Atlanta would administer development programs of the City’s One Atlanta – Centennial Yards Project.