The Atlanta Zoning Review Board has recommended approval of the mixed-use development.
Special exceptions were requested due to the unique shape of the Reynoldstown Neighborhood property.
The Zoning Review Board recommends the denial of the rezoning request which would have made the existing building conforming.
The rezones are expected to provide affordable housing near the Bankhead MARTA Station.
The award honors individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to Georgia through their work.
The plan will serve as a 10-year guide for the City’s park and recreational facilities.
The redevelopment would require a rezoning to increase the density allowed on the combined 2.32-acre parcel.
The proposed development, which includes a convenience store and restaurant, will be considered by the Planning Commission in March
“Tiny home” detached residential project moving forward despite negative staff recommendation
Childress Klein Property will plead its case to Gwinnet Co Commissioners despite a recommendation for denial.