Sell To Atlanta Businesses Before They Open.

Become a Preferred Partner To Get Your Prospect's Direct Contact Information With Our Premium B2B Sales Leads.

» 40+ B2B Sales Leads/Month

  • 100% of Prospects Are Pre-Opening
  • Small to Midsize Businesses
  • Delivered Daily in Realtime

» Decision Maker's Direct Info

  • Cell Number(s)
  • Email Address(es)
  • Linkedin + More!

» Sent Directly To Your Email

  • Clickable
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Only one Preferred Partner "slot" per industry available. Claim yours before your competition does!

Get Verified Contact Info For Businesses Before They Open.

Our daily leads get you in the door first to dominate your competitors.

100% of our Premium B2B Sales Leads include key contact information for yet-to-open small businesses (restaurants, retailers).

Since What Now Atlanta breaks restaurant, retail, and real estate news, we're the first to discover new prospects and connect them to our Premium Business Leads subscribers well before traditional lead generation providers.

Each Premium B2B Sales Lead Includes:

  • The Decision Maker's Name (Owner, Senior Managers)

  • Decision Maker’s Email Address(es)

  • Decision Maker’s Direct Phone Number (Cell, Office)

  • The new or growing business’ physical address

Receive up to 40+ Premium B2B Sales Leads per month sent directly to your email.

Only one Preferred Partner "slot" per industry available. Claim yours before your competition does!

Take Action With Our Spring-Loaded Premium Business Leads.

When our team of researchers confirm new or growing businesses, our subscribers get a Premium B2B Sales Lead via email as soon as the data has been verified. The leads are spring-loaded with actionable intelligence.


You can login to your profile and digitally access our Premium Lead Feed for archived and future alerts.

Contact Information Is Verified 100%
All Alerts Are Pre-Opening 100%
Information is Clickable and Actionable 100%

Here's How Our Leads Are Formatted

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B2B Sales Leads - Atlanta

You're The First To Know Because We're The First To Know.

Here’s how it works:

  • What Now Atlanta (WNA) harvests business prospects (who’s opening, growing, and expanding) through official City permit filings, real estate insider information, reader tips, and community outreach.

  • WNA analysts filter harvested business prospects and vets them for credibility. Non-credible prospects are disposed while credible prospects are submitted to our news researchers for business development information.

  • Our news researchers convert credible prospects into actionable sales intelligence with key contact information like business owners cell numbers and email addresses.

  • WNA electronically disseminates our Premium Business Leads to subscribers electronically in real-time. Archived and future leads are always accessible through the digital leads portal.

  • The process repeats itself daily.

Only one Preferred Partner "slot" per industry available. Claim yours before your competition does!