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We cover openings, closings, expansions and renovations in Atlanta’s businesses without the relentless cheerleading that you see in other sites.

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We’ve assembled a panel of picky perfectionists who help us break news and make informed, BIASED opinions. They’re thought leaders, tastemakers, and trendsetters in restaurants, retail and real estate. You know who they are, but we’re not sayin’.

We have no shame in calling out failures and cheering successes. Disagree with something we write about? Then dish it out in our comment section, but be aware that we are gonna dish it right back at you. No hard feelings.

You want to know what’s new, now, and next and we’re gonna tell you. Atlanta’s growing fast. Keep up.

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caleb j. spivak

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    1. thanks for your patience in the launch of wna?. we really appreciate all of the support and are confident you’re gonna like what you see. we have plenty of stories lined up, mainly breaking news, keeping content fresh so check back often.


    1. robert — coca cola’s roxy theatre, located in buckhead village is currently under construction and is in the process of being renovated. with initial plans of re-opening by the end of 2009, attention to detail and hopes of restoring the theatre’s original, historic structure has caused further delays. all of the surrounding space (buckhead sofa store, kitchensmith, shopscad, etc.) have all been vacant for sometime. the nearby retail space is also undergoing renovation as buckhead village is transformed into what developers had planned on becoming a retail destination. with 90 boutiques, restaurants/bars, three hotels and several residential units, roxy theatre and buckhead village are at a stand still like the streets of buckhead.

      hope this answers your question


  1. please kill the jumps in each entry. it’s annoying to click on “Read More” and then find out “Read More” is only two or three more sentences. also, it’s hard to find where you left off after clicking “Read More”. a jump to the comments only is OK.

    1. greg — we will keep that in mind with future posts. the idea is to keep the content on the main page minimal to fit more and make it easier for the reader to select what he/she would like to read. please don’t hesitate to offer any more criticism as it is greatly appreciated.


  2. What happened to all of the old content? I take it that none of that was converted over… is there another location where archived information can be viewed?

    1. louis– the old content can be found on though that address is no longer in comission to the best of my knowledge. If you are looking for anything in particular, please do not hesitate to email me @ caleb at whatnowatlanta dot com and I’ll try and fill you in based on what I know.


  3. great web site — great service – kind of reminds me of “F*** Company: from the dot bomb days – amazing how stupid some people are with their money – Keep up the good work – I will retweet and repost for you – joe somerville

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