Atlanta Mayor Limiting Restaurants to Takeout Only Effective Midnight March 19

Executive Order also requires bars, gyms, and other businesses to temporarily close.

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms in keeping with other Cities around the nation Thursday signed an Executive Order limiting restaurants to takeout only.

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Under the mandate, bars and gyms must also close, alongside other businesses where people gather.

Bottoms’ move is in an effort to “slow the spread” of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in keeping with C.D.C. guidelines and recommendations out of The White House.

“I have signed an Executive Order, effective at midnight, limiting restaurants to take out service, closing bars, gyms, etc.,” Bottoms posted to Twitter Thursday.

“The fate of cities across the globe will be upon soon if we do not follow recommendations on ways to slow the spread of the Coronavirus.”

The Executive Order goes into effect at midnight tonight, March 19.

To assist restaurants with providing take out take service, a second Executive Order calls for the suspension of towing and booting of vehicles in the City’s right of way, the Mayor tweeted separately.

Bottoms is also waiting on legislation to pass that would allow restaurants to offer alcohol to-go.

“If there is a provision in state law that empowers me to waive alcohol take out, I’ll gladly sign it,” Bottoms tweeted.

“I’ve just not seen it yet.”

Several Atlanta restaurants had already voluntarily closed dining rooms and moved to takeout only in anticipation of the City mandating such.

Other brick-and-mortar businesses went ahead and shuttered completely in an ultimate show of social distancing.

Supermarkets and pharmacies remain open.

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Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

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  1. Just tweeting executive orders to close restaurants isn’t a plan. How about the city help cover that payroll that due next week for restaurants who have been slow and won’t have any revenue going into the weekend. How about the department of labor go to every restaurant and setup unemployment assistance For the thousands of employees before they send out these executive orders.. poor leadership and no thought going into these decisions. The city cannot force businesses to close for health reasons and not expect to take any financial burden as well!

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