Anthony Spina’s Planned Virginia-Highland Eatery Permitted as ‘Old 4th Ward Pizza’

Is the now-OTP pizzeria making a comeback ITP?

Anthony Spina is moving forward with plans to open a new restaurant in Virginia-Highland.

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A permit application last week was filed with the City of Atlanta to buildout “Old 4th Ward Pizza” in a slice of the former Goin’ Coastal space, at 1019 Virginia Ave.

“Old 4th Ward Pizza,” or rather “O4W Pizza,” was the name of Spina’s Irwin Street Market pizzeria that in 2016 relocated to Duluth and kept its name.

The permit filing is the latest public update for the restaurant since Spina’s soon-to-be landlord Gene Kansas Commercial Real Estate announced the plans in August 2019.

While a building permit moves the project forward, several details remain unclear, including the restaurant’s name.

Gene Kansas in mid-2019 announced Spina’s eatery would be called “Pizza By The Slice.”

Spina when reached over the telephone Tuesday by What Now Atlanta (WNA) would not provide an update on the restaurant, including what it would be called, but did confirm permitting was underway.

He also was not able to provide a timeline for when the restaurant might open.

The restaurant’s architect told WNA, “although the permit was filed under ‘Old 4th Ward Pizza,’ that doesn’t mean it’s the final name.”

While the name is still a toss-up, Spina’s forthcoming eatery will focus on Sicilian-style square pizza and will likely include local favorite Grandma Pie.


Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

6 Responses

  1. With all the families in that neighborhood, I think he’d do really well if he offered delivery.

  2. For anyone who has been to O4W pizza in Duluth, Spina’s pizza slices are excellent. I hope he continues that tradition in VA HI and that it opens up sooner rather than later and gives us all something to look forward to rather than the latest Trump atrocity

    1. The original iteration of O4W pizza was the best kept secret in Atlanta for a time. It was the most shoestring operation I’ve ever seen for a restaurant, and there were hardly ever any customers until word of mouth started spreading, and the pizza was outrageously good. Glad to hear he’s coming back to town.

        1. I live a block away from his original location.
          Never went though, because I despise the landlord of that building.
          We’ve been to N&R and it was really good– pricey but good…

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