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22-story apartment tower planned for Midtown

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22-story apartment tower planned for Midtown

12th & midtown 22-story apartment building ~ what now, atlanta?

Daniel Corporation and Selig Enterprises plan next phase of 12th & Midtown project.

UPDATE (Sept. 23): Planned 22-story apartment highrise on track to break ground this fall at 12th & Midtown

Midtown Patch is reporting that Daniel Corporation and Selig Enterprises, the developers of 12th & Midtown, hope to break ground this fall on the development's fourth high-rise -- a 22-story luxury apartment tower.

Located at 77 12th street, the apartment tower will stand at 12th Street and Crescent Avenue. Architecture firm Rule Joy Trammell + Rubio is designing the project.

The tower will boast 316-units for lease -- one and two-bedroom apartments, as well as some studios -- and 20,000 square feet of ground-level retail space.

Other features include a roof-top terrace with a pool, bocce ball court, cabana, grilling areas and a waterfall.

For more project specifics, click here to read Midtown Patch's interview with Steve Baile, senior vice president with Daniel Corporation.

Check out these renderings of the apartment tower and retail locations:

12th & midtown 22-story apartment building ~ what now, atlanta?

Looks like Urbanist, our guest columnist, was on to something in his post about Atlanta's need for more apartments.

77th 12th

77 12th St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309
Caleb J. Spivak
Caleb Spivak

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32 responses to “22-story apartment tower planned for Midtown

  1. Nobody said Urbanist wasn't onto something, Crescent Avenue 3 nights of the week is covered on beer, puke, and urine, like how many apartments end up. Peachtree however calls for a higher and better use, looks like the rest of us were onto something too. It was urbanists content it was his delivery which masked any bit of a good idea in his post. That being said this is great, any infill is good infill.

  2. @Ritch You are absolutely correct that there are tons of vacant units right now (condos for sale) in this area but it will most likely take 1-2 years for these apartments (for rent) to be built and there are not really any other new apartments going up. If they were building 316 more condos in this area then I may be concerned but I think apartments in this prime location will do well in 1-2 years.

  3. "Looks like Urbanist, our guest columnist, was on to something"

    If Urbanist had a clue he would know that there were THOUSANDS of apartments built around intown Atlanta in the last 10 years. It doesn't take an "insider" to figure this out.

  4. @ JT - don't be angry. I am right about the need for more apartments in urban Atlanta, and other people recognize that. Perhaps when you come to realize that ivy league degrees are worth more than KSU degrees, you'll understand that, offensive or not, my post has a lot of validity behind it.

    @ Ritch - fundamentals for apartments are extremely strong right now, particularly in Atlanta. Apartments are an entirely different animal than condos that happen to be for lease. These will do well

    @ Frankly - I'm aware that there are "thousands" of apartments in urban Atlanta...however, it's a number that is not nearly sufficient, compared to other major, successful metropolitan areas. And that's the goal, isn't it - to be a major, successful, urban area, isn't it?

  5. As a real estate agent, I think this will do great. There is a desire to live in this area, and there arent any "luxury" apartments that will be similar to condo living, without owning a condo. Also, when markets fall, rentals skyrocket, and Atlanta has a very limited supply currently.

    More foreclosures = more rentals. People may not be able to afford 2000 a month for a mortgage, but they MAY still be able to afford 1400 a month for an apartment. They need a place to live!

    I say bring it on... Also, in 5- 10 years if they wanted, they could turn around and convert to condos and sell them off.

  6. Im having a hard time picuturing where this is exactly going... what is it replacing? Is it on the parking lot across from RiRa?

  7. Old South, please explain to me exactly how having apartments in an area is anything but good in the long term. If anything, Atlanta has an undersupply of apartments in Midtown and Downtown. These apartments will be a great addition to Midtown.

  8. @ Old South - how do you figure that this is a bad sign, long term? Is it because home ownership has proven to be an irrefutably great investment?

  9. This isn't the only apartment tower that will break ground in that area this year (if either actually break ground by 4Q).

    Either way, I am excited. 500 more apartments in Midtown within a few more years will add noticeably more foot traffic, which will only make it easier to support the 30,000 SF additional retail space and all of the vacant spaces currently in Midtown. I was telling a friend in town this weekend that Midtown Mile will happen within a decade. Hopefully I'm right.

    PS: The immature squabbling that's currently still taking place on these forums sounds pretty bad.

  10. Remember even if they build this stuff as rentals they could always be converted to condos if the market ever picks back up. I don't know if many people recall but many of the apartment complexes in Midtown converted from apartments to condos in the late 1990s. Oakwood, Morningside Chase and Legacy Villas would be three examples.

  11. Actually, I just saw the development plan. As great as it is to see apartments coming in, I sincerely hope these plans get modified to squash the parking lot they plan to build adjacent to the building. If this Daniel project intends a large above ground parking deck, I really hope they squash that too.

    In the Skyhouse project, the parking deck takes up more space than the actual rental building...colossal waste of space, and there are few worse ways to ruin an urban landscape than with huge parking lots. These things need to go underground, or be tucked away from the street, so that they don't ruin the street-scape or prevent the inclusion of things like street-front retail.

  12. So if this is Phase 4 of the 12th and Midtown Project, what about Phase 3? I know they have or will be cleaning up the lot by tearing down that old gas station or whatever that was on the lot. Anyone have any info on this?

    Julius, you have an info on this apartment building at 12th and W. Peachtree? If this is true, this is also good news!

  13. Under ground is EXTREMELY expensive and unfeasible. Even the condo developments like Metropolis and Plaza couldn't do that. I think plaza's may be partially under ground but I think it's just a street level grade change. They did do a good job of hiding their parking decks though.

  14. This is Phase 3. Phase 4 will go across the street from 1100 Peachtree and 1075 Peachtree where the boarded off property is. That is the site of the rumored but fantasy land Saks 5th Avenue. There are only 4 phases.

    12th and West Peachtree (1084 West Peachtree or something like that) is a local developer. The current renderings are preliminary/conceptual. Garages can't really go underground here like they can in DC. The garage we see is twice as large as it needs to be and it will likely be changed in some way (or maybe it will serve more than one building and have a redesign...hopefully! 🙂 The developer wants to replicate the building 4 other times in other markets (with different skins). Not that I know all the details, but I don't think I would be at liberty to say anymore than that...and nothing has been made official. I'll let someone braver come out with more details...I wouldn't want to be the one to jinx the project.

    We need a boom like the River North/Streeterville areas of Chicago to really become a functioning city. I bet something will happen...get these two towers, fill in the two remaining blocks of AS, the Dewberry site, the parking lots across from Viewpoint and Plaza Midtown, and we'll be on a roll.

  15. Johnny, Novare's name is all over the renderings/plan for 1084. Are you sure they're not the developer?

    Also, I know underground is prohibitively expensive, but the city isn't doing itself any favors by impeding future infill development, by having a parking lot take up streetfront space. Perhaps a street-side garage entry, with the entire thing hidden, thereby leaving the street open for commercial space, instead of occupied by the side of a garage.

    That said, I agree - the re-development of some vacuous space in Midtown, primarily with residential/mixed-use would be a huge step forward for this city.

  16. Yea I didn't realize all those renderings were released until yesterday. I'll see if I can find information regarding financing of the project that I would be able to divulge today.

  17. "Under ground is EXTREMELY expensive and unfeasible."
    Correct! In that area bedrock isn't even a foot below the surface of the soil...and it's granite.

  18. It is interesting that phase 4 is being built before phase 3. I really hope some work goes down on phase 3 soon also. That block of Peachtree is looking pretty sad...

  19. Dantonio, from what I've read phase 3 is supposed to be more office and hotel space. Which still in this economy is not needed. Phase 4, which were always going to be apartments is much more needed now. I'm just glad there will be more foot traffic here. Most of these bars are pretty dead during the week. Even Ri Ra.

  20. Oh ok, Thanks for the info Chris. That makes sense then if it was going to be office & hotel space. And yes I agree apartments are very needed around there to bring more density & foot-traffic.

  21. I appreciate everyone's comments on this new phase of 12th & Midtown. to add some clarity, apartments have always been a component of the 12th & Midtown master plan. We have not put an emphasis on the order of the phases but rather the feasibility of each component and at this time we feel the market is prime for high-rise apartments. We would have hoped to be delivering the project by nw but the global economy and subsequent difficulties for funding have proposed many projects.

    The fundamentals remain strong in Midtown and we feel the need for infill, pedestrian and transit oriented multi-family is an under-served aspect of the Atlanta market.

    We plan on Breaking ground this fall with a delivery of the first units in early 2013.

  22. Upscale apartments are welcome. I'm sure post biltmore and parkside has a sinking feeling the market isn't going to continue support their current pricing (very close to these high end rates).

    The long term disadvantage to apartment living is the variable cost of lease renewal and the big tax disadvantage. Condos in midtown are less expensive than renting because of the mortgage interest deduction. Even after the management company socks it to you on condo fees.

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